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Case studies looking into the corporate wellness programs of Lam Research, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Western Reserve Hospital

Employer Case Studies – Lam Research, Royal Caribbean Cruses, LTD., and Western Reserve Hospital

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Case Study

Case Study 1 - Lam Research Lam Research is an American multinational corporation operating in Austria, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States and designs, manufactures and services semiconductor equipment to create integrated circuits. Located in Fremont, California,…

A doctor handing a patient an envelope

Corporate Wellness: Push the Envelope Toward Lower Healthcare Costs

Wellness, as we know it, is at a crossroads. For those of us who have been in the industry a while – a long while – we are seeing opportunity and change. We are seeing employers from all industries looking for the silver bullet that will bend the steep…

A wearable device on an arm

Decisions…Decisions: Choosing the Right Wearable Fitness Tracker

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Features

As wearable fitness trackers gain increasing mainstream popularity and their manufacturers develop new devices to support consumer fascination with these products, employers will be hard-challenged to keep pace with implementing strategies that take full advantage…

A sign for a Chipotle resturant

Chipotle Mexican Grill – A Study in Sustainable Wellness

Colleen Reilly - in Features, Others

In 2010, Chipotle, a restaurant provider of “food with integrity,” wanted to develop a wellness program to change company culture. The wellness program chosen through the company’s healthcare provider garnered dismal employee participation and engagement.…

A team of doctors

Saint Luke’s Health System – ‘Role Model’ for Personal Health Improvement and Responsible Healthcare Consumption

Elise Meyer - in Features, Others

Companies in the United States first introduced workplace wellness programs to reduce healthcare costs. As those programs matured, companies learned that nurturing employee health and wellness had benefits well beyond financial gains. Today, as a recent Towers…

An exercise group workingout

Scripps Health Steps Forward for Corporate Wellness

Hamilton Mears - in Features

Scripps Health, a self-insured, tax-exempt healthcare organization with five hospital campuses and 22 clinics, 13,700 employees and 2,600 affiliated physicians across greater San Diego, launched a corporate wellness program in March 2006. More than 75 percent…

You wouldn't wear a suit without personalization, why a wellness program?

Personalization is ‘Secret Sauce’ for any Wellness Program

Sandi Eskew - in Features

Personalization drives success across nearly every industry - from smart phone apps to luxury travel. The more products and services can be customized to personal habits, goals or desires, the more success that product or service often has. Wellness programs…

A businessman meditating in whitespace

Revitalize your Wellness Program and Improve Engagement

Veronica Marsden - in Column

Reducing health risks, improving quality of life, enhancing personal effectiveness, and benefits to your organization's bottom line: These are the reasons you implement corporate wellness programs. But are you meeting these objectives? How effective are your…

An executive backed by assistants and a team of doctors

The Bulletproof Executive

Dr. Roy Vartabedian - in Column

“John D. Rockefeller Sr.’s obsession with work and worry while building his business led to stress, strain and very serious health problems by the time he was fifty years old. Had Mr. Rockefeller not made a number of life changes to enhance his health,…

An incentive motivating an employee

A Look at Incentives and How They Impact Motivation

Susan Zbikowski - in Economics

The use of financial incentives to encourage employee participation in health and wellness programs has grown steadily in recent years, and is now the norm. Included in this year’s Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health employer survey was the finding…

A sign showing the corner of wellness and illness

The Bottom Line on Wellness

Sue Parks - in News & Insights

The Bottom Line The success of a wellness program, in terms of changed behavior and the bottom line, hinges on integrating all planning, activities and efforts into one vibrant, measurable initiative. A key requirement of this integration and the development…

Business people lining up behind a leader

Follow the Leader

Karen L. Andalman - in Focused

Follow the Leader In the quest for creating a culture of wellness in the workplace, it is imperative that senior level management take the lead. From an early age, we are conditioned to follow the positive examples set by our parents, older siblings and teachers.…

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