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Workers at Faith Technology are healthier and more active, this case study shows you how.

Empowering the Power Workers – Faith Technology Case Study

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

With 15 locations across six states with a total of 2,050 employees, Menasha, Wisconsin-based electrical contractors Faith Technologies counts on its “Wellness Chargers” in its company-wide corporate wellness program to increase participation and…

Make wellness work for your company, and give your ROI a check up

Wellness: How to Make it Work for your Company

Since way back in the 1980’s articles have been published about the future of health care in America, including several by the above authors covering the direction of health and wellness programs

7 Strategies for Corporate Wellness Success

7 Strategies for Corporate Wellness Success

Fiona Gathright - in Worksite Wellness

Many employers have great intentions when it comes to initiating a corporate wellness program,

A team of employees looking at a computer screen.

Wellness Efforts Worth Investing In

Jamey Bednez - in Economics

Creating wellness initiatives that impact the overall health of the employee and the company

A diploma standing up on top of a stack of books.

Running a Wellness and Health Management Program? Where’s Your Certification?

Rose K. Gantner - in Focused

Wellness programs are growing in acceptance - and importance - in the workplace

A group of multicultural business people putting their hands in a circle above the camera.

The Role of Corporate Culture in Creating a Health and Wellness Team

A corporate culture often focuses on behaviors, beliefs, and the values of an organization.

A happy couple playing in the snow, making snowballs and snowmen.

Creating New Year’s Resolutions for Your Wellness Program

Fiona Gathright - in Worksite Wellness

A new year provides the opportunity to look at and learn from the past; New Year’s resolutions offer us the opportunity to reach for our potential.

Three polished rocks with a stalk of grain.

Comprehensive Wellness Management Changes Behaviors

Shawna Dosser - in Worksite Wellness

Joe Kuchera and fellow management at Western New York’s Unifrax I LLC knew not to expect an immediate return on investment

Business people peacefully meditating on their desk in business attire.

Engaging the Mind, Body and Spirit in a Workplace Wellness Program

David B. Jasperson - in Worksite Wellness

Workplace wellness is an important focus for businesses but it is even more important in health care work environments where staff model health behavior.

A busy office lobby in black and white, and out of focus with a magnifying glass over the words "Wellness Mentoring Is Your Companies Competitive Advantage"

Wellness Mentoring is Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

Dr. Wayne Weiner - in Worksite Wellness

There is an old Chinese proverb that states, “No matter how far you've walked down the wrong road, stop!” It is time for companies to stop squandering away their competitive resources and true business advantage.

A group of business professionals in a foot race, with one being the champion.

How to Recruit Champions for your Wellness Team

Colleen Reilly - in Worksite Wellness

All cultures have leaders—people who understand the guiding principles of that culture and can help motivate a large group to take action and be successful.

Employee engagement is a crucial part of any wellness program.

Keeping Employees Engaged in Wellness Throughout the Year

Colleen Reilly - in Worksite Wellness

Whether you are just launching a workplace wellness program or you are managing one that is already well under way, it is important to stay focused on keeping employees

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