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A women fighting depression at work

Visual Acuity: About an Acute Threat to Vision

Micheal D. Shaw - in Worksite Wellness

Eyestrain is a strain on wellness in general and corporate wellness in particular. How we work, continually in front of screens––from computers to phones to tablets––is cause for concern. One such concern is myopia, often called nearsightedness, in…

Concept image for shopping for health insurance

Voluntary Benefits: How to Help Build Healthier Workforce

Philip Kaufman - in Column, Voluntary Benefits

Businesses looking to reduce healthcare costs might consider eliminating ancillary benefits, such as vision, dental, disability and life insurance. But before doing so, there are compelling reasons to continue to offer or add these benefits — either purchased,…

An excited woman looking through binoculars.

A Fresh Look At Voluntary Benefits

Barbara Howe - in Others

Employers face multiple challenges in providing competitive benefits – rising medical costs, a difficult economic environment, and uncertainty concerning the impact of last year’s health care reform law.

An employee covered in yellow stick notes.

Open Enrollment Effectiveness Crucial in Curbing Workers’ Costly Benefit Mistakes

Ron Agypt - in Economics

Open enrollment this year might prove to be more confusing for workers than ever before and could result in added costly mistakes when it comes to benefit decisions.

An eye exam chart with a close up of an eye in the background.

Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays

Barbara Berger - in Worksite Wellness

Simply stated, vision changes as people get older. 94% of adults 55 and older need some vision correction.1 One reason for this, is our eyes are exposed to the sun often as we age;

A business executive at an airport.

A Healthy Bottom Line Starts with Executive Health

Dr. Walter Gaman - in Economics

It’s Monday and the biggest decision of the year stems on today’s meeting

A close up of an eye, with a reflection of the Planet Earth in them.

Protecting Your Eyes at Work and Play

Barbara Berger - in Focused

At work, at home and at play, the health of your eyes can be at risk, oftentimes without even realizing it. Fortunately,

A eye exam chart imposed over a close up of a person's eyeball.

Eye Exam – Not Just Seeing Well, but Being Well

Barbara Berger - in Others

Vision benefits are strongly emerging as a way for employers to enhance wellness and disease programs. The importance of vision care is increasing as it impacts overall health, productivity and quality of life.

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