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A Key Component of Corporate Wellness Programs: Food Wellness

Workplace could, sometimes, be a difficult place to really eat well, as employees are in a constant hurry to meet deadlines, engage new clients, send out emails, secure contracts, and send off proposals. Adults in the US spend a lot of their waking hours in…

A woman surrounded by vegetables punching a Big Mac

The Biting Impact of Employee Food Choices on Your Bottom Line

Rosie Gonzalez - in Column

A quick search for “best diet” brings 3.5 million results on YouTube and 447,000 results on Google. At the top of the Google search, U.S. News recently posted a “Best Diets” review, giving the DASH Diet a number one rating. Yet, when it comes to diet—defined…

An incentive motivating an employee

A Look at Incentives and How They Impact Motivation

Susan Zbikowski - in Economics

The use of financial incentives to encourage employee participation in health and wellness programs has grown steadily in recent years, and is now the norm. Included in this year’s Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health employer survey was the finding…

Cutting nutritional and healthy fruit and vegetables for a salad

The Growing Gap Between Nutritional Promise and Behavior

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Economics

The gap between personal nutritional behavior and what scientists say can be achieved with better nutrition is growing faster than the national debt. There is scant evidence that many people are adopting truly healthy diets, as can be seen by some recent statistics.

Vegetables defeating the junk food maze

What to Do When Your Office is a Junk Food Maze?

Sean Kelly - in Focused

We spend roughly a third of our lives at work. How we eat and behave at work can have a lasting impact on our lives. By making a concerted effort to eat healthier at work, many people can change their lives. Workplaces are helping with this by setting up healthy…

A line up of six tasty and healthy meals you can take to work and heat up in the microwave.

Ready, Steady, Go! The Pros and Cons of Prepackaged Meals

Celynn Erasmus - in Others

We all love a warm and hearty home-cooked dinner, but let’s face it: battling through rush hour traffic after

A woman staring at a Granny Smith apple.

Becoming Supermarket Savvy

Debi Silber - in Others

When you’re not working, one of your many responsibilities may be food shopping. How can you become more “supermarket savvy” so it’s a simple, healthy and even enjoyable task?

A woman at work with an apple on her desk.

Eat Well While at Work

Janel Ovrut - in Worksite Wellness

When lunchtime rolls around at work, do you find you’re either chained to your computer too busy to eat, or bolting out of the office to the pizza joint down the street to get a quick slice? Is your keyboard covered with sandwich crumbs and your desk spotted…

A woman working at her desk while eating a salad.

The Weight Loss Game: Are Corporations Sending Mixed Signals To Employees?

Caryl Ehrlich - in Worksite Wellness

If you’re a visitor to almost any office, in any city or town, you’ll most likely find a dish on a desk or counter filled with wrapped candies or mints.

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