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The Carrot or the Stick? How about the Retirement Plan!

Scott Pooch - in Economics

The success of a wellness program links directly to the level of engagement and participation of the employee population. For years, the debate has raged over how to drive greater utilization by using rewards (a carrot), or penalties (a stick) to motivate…

Manage healthcare costs better, and prevent your piggy bank from looking like this.

Five Steps to Healthcare Cost Management Success for Employers

Phyllis Ruez - in Economics

Healthcare reform legislation and spiraling medical costs across the industry have spurred CMS to introduce a number of initiatives designed to improve population health

Measuring outcomes is essential to a successful employee assistance program.

A Measure of Success: A Checkup for Your EAP and Wellness Programs

David A. Sharar, Ph.D. - in Others

Businesses are increasingly using analytics to mine “big data” to get refined insight into everything from product design to marketing, customer service to manufacturing processes and, more recently,

Your employees not getting checkups will end up costing you more on healthcare in the end.

Association of Health Risk Factors with Healthcare Utilization and Cost in an Employed Population

Association of Health Risk Factors with Healthcare Utilization and Cost in an Employed Population

Two business professionals riding exercise bikes and speaking on their phones.

Employee Fitness: A Healthier Workforce Meets a Healthier Bottom Line

Phillip Tummarello - in Economics

Look around on a daily basis, and you see the expanding waistlines and the declining health

A pill bottle on its side, with medicine falling out of it.

The Implications of Acetaminophen Overdose for Injured Workers

Tron Empatage - in News & Insights

One of the most commonly used drugs to relieve pain and fever, acetaminophen is contained in a number of prescription medications and is a popular over-the-counter medication.

A calculator spelling out the word "help"

Recruiting, Retaining & Rejuvenating Employees: Incentivize Top Talent with Voluntary Benefits

Elizabeth Halkos - in Economics

Faced with uncertainty about the potential effects healthcare reform will have on employee benefits,

A glass jar labeled "medicine" full of a variety of pills of gifferent shapes, colors and sizes.

8 Tips To Reduce Narcotics Abuse in Workers’ Compensation

Tron Empatage - in Economics

On-the-job injuries often involve chronic pain for injured workers and long-term liability for workers’ compensation self-insured payors.

A man meditating in a suit and tie in a white room.

Corporate Wellness Doesn’t Just Save Money; It Makes Money

Catherine Rudat - in Economics

The “double whammy” of skyrocketing healthcare costs and a sputtering economy—as if the cost of healthcare wasn’t a concern in the years before the recession—have put companies in an almost impossible situation.

Technology and internet access will play a crucial role in personal health in future.

Can the Internet Help Us Improve our Health?

The idea that patients are responsible for actively managing and maintaining their personal health and well-being – known in the medical community

A piggy bank with coins in front of it, waiting to be saved.

Prepare Now to Lower Healthcare Insurance Costs in 2009

Cheryl Lagunilla - in Economics

With the economic outlook for 2009 rather grim, business owners will have to do more with less - yet

A watering can spreading water on quickly growing grass.

Initiating a Wellness Program While Navigating a Health Renewal Increase

Michael Lerman - in News & Insights

You have been trying to implement a wellness program in your company for a long time.

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