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Positive emotions will have you jumping for joy at work!

The Benefits of Positive Emotions at Work

Dr. Shelly Gable - in Worksite Wellness

Science has long documented the toll that negative emotions such as anxiety, fear and sadness have on our minds and bodies. Recent evidence, however, highlights the previously under appreciated benefits of positive emotions, emotions such as contentment, joy,…

Natural medicine

Smart Prevention — Spend a Little, Save a Lot

Steve Mister - in Economics

Note to reader: This article is based on information from a Frost & Sullivan economic analysis, “Smart Prevention—Healthcare Cost Savings Resulting from the Targeted Use of Dietary Supplements.” The report was funded through a grant from the CRN…

A stack of money with ROI on top made of building blocks.

The Business Case for Wellness Programs

Fiona Gathright - in Economics

Powerful wellness programs educate employees about healthy choices and provide the support and

The silhouette of a man with a liquor bottle.

Addiction and the Workplace: Improving Employees’ Access to Treatment

Phillip Greer - in Others

Substance abuse has a profoundly negative effect on the workplace in terms of decreased productivity

A well dressed man listening to an iPod, pretending to conduct an orchestra.

Music Wellness Programs: Merging Self-Responsible Strategies

Judith Pinkerton - in News & Insights

Noted cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton reports that over 95 percent of all disease-related ailments in this country are created by stress.

Addressing the Health Crisis by Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program

Addressing the Health Crisis by Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program

Fabien Loszach - in Worksite Wellness

Over the last twenty years, we have seen the emergence of a major trend in North America: employee health and wellness are suffering.

A road sign saying "Next Exit Frustration" with an arrow pointing to a business woman covered in Post-It notes .

Workplace Stress Strains Organizations’ Bottom Lines

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in Worksite Wellness

Stress is the plague of our nonstop, hyper, 21st Century lifestyle.

A graph showing turnover growing.

Manage Turnover, Not Just Wellness

Scott MacStravic, PhD - in Focused

While the cost of turnover is usually recognized, it is not always considered as a critical element of wellness strategy.

A stick figure falling in a trap door, to be replaced by an identical figure.

Replacement Insanity

Dr. Wayne Weiner - in Focused

Insanity comes in all kinds of packages and degrees. We have all witnessed vanity insanity when an aging middle aged man comes to a board meeting with a bad dye job and doesn’t think anyone will notice.

A piggy bank with money in it, surrounded by different pills.

Creating a Financial Wellness Program

Alison Hinson - in Selling & Marketing

MMG Insurance, headquartered in Presque Isle, Maine, offers a wide variety of personal and commercial property and casualty insurances.

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