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Dental health is a crucial component to a healthy lifestyle

Reason to Smile: Dental Health and Gum Rejuvenation

Dr. Howard Hoffman - in Others

In the discussion involving healthcare reform, in this national debate about changes to insurance policies and premiums, there is an entire discipline of medicine worthy of greater attention

A woman smiling and showing her teeth in a dentist's mirror.

Discount Dental Plans and Employee Health

Nicole Ropiza - in Selling & Marketing

Studies and word-of-mouth in recent years have brought much needed attention to the connection between dental care and a person’s overall health.

A collage of different smiles and of women brushing their teeth, with a happy dentist in the middle.

Smile Well

Mark Roberts - in Focused

When you get up in the morning to get ready for work, does your smile make you feel better?

The Statue of Liberty on an American Flag background.

Americans Love to Smile

Mark Roberts - in Others

Americans love to smile. Keeping those pearly whites nice and white should be a priority for everyone to maintain a great smile and a healthy life.

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