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Posture is a crucial part of living healthy. You don't want to take care of your body, only to still have back problems.

Change Your Posture, Change Your Life

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

When they met at Google’s six-month incubator program in Palo Alto, California in 2011, entrepreneur Monisha Perkash and trained physician and health expert Charles Wang and Andrew Chang did not know that four years later they would receive $10 million in…

Wearable technology and corporate wellness work well together.

The Elephant in the Room – Just How Big Will Wearables Get?

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

The forecasts are strong for the growth of the wearable device market but not everyone agrees that volume in the industry equates to value. Technology analysts say some of the companies who offer these devices to the corporate wellness industry need to…

Choosing the right hospital can save you money.

Choosing the Right Hospital: Helping Employees Avoid Potential Harm

Are your employees exposed to medical errors or perhaps even overtreatment—and if so, as an employer, what is your responsibility? Fifteen years ago, after the Institute of Medicine published a 223-page report called To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health…

A doctor showing X-ray results to a patient on an iPad

An Integrated Platform for Health and Wellness: The Next Generation of Websites

Dr. Rahul Razdan - in Technology

By Dr. Rahul Razdan


Corporate wellness and technology are increasingly inseparable: The latter enhances the former by elevating a doctor's presence online (to cite one notable example) and educating prospective patients about relev

A computer locked up, securing health information

Corporate Wellness and Digital Awareness: Defending the Most Vital Information

Randy Reaney - in News & Insights

Corporate wellness is both a philosophy and a summons to action. Concerning the latter, and the manner in which so much private information migrates from paper to "the cloud," as distant (in theory) as the liquid droplets, frozen crystals and various chemicals…

A student using an iPad

Wellness Through Teaching: The Future of Online Learning and Healthier Workers

Keith Williams - in News & Insights

Online learning is an interactive experience, a dynamic way to improve personal health and corporate wellness. It is this concept of a global classroom, expansive in its material and exceptional in the quality of its faculty, that is a reality now. It is not…

Making a maze simple

Wellness with Simplicity: Promoting ‘Pronounceable Health’

Merry Richon - in Worksite Wellness

As medicine becomes more complex, and as some novelists become secular sages, heralding the arrival of their writings-made-real – in this world of quantum mechanics, mathematical biology, nanotechnology and the prophetic end of cancer, AIDS and diabetes…

A woman using a smartphone and wearable technology

Leveraging Digital Technology to Create Healthy Habits & Impact Community Health

Garth Graham, M.D. - in News & Insights

Now, more than ever, digital technology is playing a vital role in how we live our daily lives, including how we manage our health.  According to the Pew Research Center, the use of mobile technology is on the rise with 91 percent of Americans owning cell…

A chiropractor showing a patient the vertebrae he will work on.

Healing Injuries and Improved Quality of Life: Innovations within Chiropractic Health

Dr. Joseph Terranova - in Others

As a chiropractor with a commitment to healing, I recognize the challenges many patients face with regard to injuries, limited motion and the quest to regain full mobility. This point has added meaning for athletes and those who enjoy the rigor of golf and…

The new wellness rules can save employees and employers on the cost of health care

New Rules for Wellness Plans Offer Savings for Employers and Employees

Dave Monahan - in Economics

Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act allows employers to reduce the cost of employees’ health insurance premiums when they participate in programs encouraging exercise

Fitness trackers and other wearable technology will be a crucial piece of the wellness puzzle

Fitness Trackers On Course To Become Fashionable Piece of Wellness Puzzle

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Editorial

Don’t look now, but those devices clipped onto waistbands, wrapped around wrists or dropped in a pocket may be coming to a body part on you.

How Simple Improvements Yield Massive Gains in Health and Wellness

Garett Fortune - in Others

How Simple Improvements Yield Massive Improvement in Health and Wellness

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