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The Case for Direct Physician Contracting

Daniel Goldberg - in Focused

With insurance networks and reimbursements shrinking, physicians have been scrambling to find ways to avoid the insurance and managed care pitfalls. Simultaneously, employers who are self-funding the medical claims of employees have been searching for ways…

A chiropractor showing a patient the vertebrae he will work on.

Healing Injuries and Improved Quality of Life: Innovations within Chiropractic Health

Dr. Joseph Terranova - in Others

As a chiropractor with a commitment to healing, I recognize the challenges many patients face with regard to injuries, limited motion and the quest to regain full mobility. This point has added meaning for athletes and those who enjoy the rigor of golf and…

A group of surgeons looking down at a patient.

Corporate Wellness and Employee Morale: Supporting the Surgeons Who Transform the Lives of Patients

Lewis Fein - in Focused

Corporate wellness and employee morale are inseparable. The two are responsible for everything from enhanced productivity

A woman holding her notes, about to give a presentation to a meeting.

Educating Consumers about Healthcare Price Transparency is the Best Solution to Controlling Costs

Dr. Jeffery Rice - in Selling & Marketing

Health reform won’t stop providers from overcharging for care, only consumers can do that.

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