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An insulin monitor

Sugar and Insulin: Double Edged Swords

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Others

AIc levels of 5.7 or above are said to be problematic. AIc measures the amount of glucose that has attached to hemoglobin over the past 3 to 4 months.

A smiling woman eating a salad.

The Year of Acceptance – Eating Food for Health & Happiness

Kelly Lavieri - in Others

Being healthy starts from within, which for most of us, self acceptance is hard to find. We can easily console our friends and family when a crisis hits.

A person with diabetes checking their blood sugar levels with a finger prick test.

Diabetes Management: Corporate Programs Can Make a Difference

Maureen Young - in Worksite Wellness

If you don’t have diabetes, you may assume that managing the disease is a simple matter of staying away from sugar,

A mixture of healthy vegetables shown to help prevent colon cancer.

The Colon Cancer Reality

Last year alone, over 50,000 people died of Colon Cancer.

A woman staring at a Granny Smith apple.

Becoming Supermarket Savvy

Debi Silber - in Others

When you’re not working, one of your many responsibilities may be food shopping. How can you become more “supermarket savvy” so it’s a simple, healthy and even enjoyable task?

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