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A word cloud with the words Diabetes, Type and insulin featured prominently.

Improving Workplace Wellness for Diabetes Patients ~ A Unique Solution

Laurie Van Wyckhouse - in Worksite Wellness

Workplace wellness programs are helping thousands across the country to prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes,

A stethoscope listening to a keyboard key, with the words "Increasing Chronic Disease Costs Lowered with Digital Health Coaching"

Increasing Chronic Disease Costs Lowered with Digital Health Coaching

Dr. Steven M. Schwartz - in Worksite Wellness

Given the continual steep rise in health care costs in an already challenging economic environment,

A person checking their blood glucose levels with a finger prick, a crucial part of diabetes care.

5 Steps to Better Diabetes Self-Management

Carina Saez - in Focused

When you have diabetes, much of your treatment and care comes from the decisions you make on a daily basis.

Technology and internet access will play a crucial role in personal health in future.

Can the Internet Help Us Improve our Health?

The idea that patients are responsible for actively managing and maintaining their personal health and well-being – known in the medical community

Stations like these can soon be in wellness program everywhere, making the tracking of health data simple.

Self-testing Workplace Health Stations: Reducing Health and Productivity Risks due to Hypertension and Obesity

John T. Kelly - in Worksite Wellness

Hypertension, obesity, and overweight, which harm worker health and productivity, are epidemic in the United States. Among adults in the United States, approximately 30% are hypertensive

A doctor with a stethoscope reaching through a laptop screen.

Get Online and Get Healthy: How to become an effective “E-Patient”

Charles W. Smith, M.D - in Others

Are you sick and tired, have a worrisome symptom, a question or problem with a medication, or have a hard time getting an appointment?

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