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Help your Organization Avert Risk with Succession Planning

Chad Melvin, vice president of Leadership, Learning and Development at Aflac - in Others

Goodbyes can be bittersweet, especially when having to bid farewell to exceptional workers. If the departure is unexpected – well, that is even worse – often creating operational confusion, especially when that person was identified as someone with “high…

A doctor taking a patients blood pressure.

Low in Risk for CVD in the Coming Ten Years? That Might Not Be True.

Morgan C. Wang - in Column

For those who care about your employees’ health, there are two known major risk calculators the ACC/AHA risk calculator and the Framingham risk calculator, unfortunately they may not perform as well as previously thought. Recently an article [1] pointed…

The evolution of corporate wellness and worksite fitness programs

The Evolving Nature of Worksite Wellness: Contingent Incentives Move to the Leading Edge

Dr. William H West - in Economics

For over three decades, U.S. employers have made a significant investment in worksite wellness. Progressive CEOs have championed wellness as a foundational value of their corporate culture. Wellness program directors have deployed health risk questionnaires,…

Analytics like this will be the future of wellness programs and cost savings

Results Based Wellness Revealed Through Analytics

Richard Kersh - in Worksite Wellness

The prevalence of outcomes-based wellness programs in combination with incentives and disincentives are becoming increasingly

Health care reform, or Obamacare, will make or break a wellness program.

Leverage Wellness Leadership: Make Lemonade from Healthcare Reform’s Lemons

Health reform makes for strange bedfellows. Wellness is a feel-good, employee engagement tool. Many employers still view wellness as a luxury. At the opposite end of the spectrum, consider new minimal health plan designs (“skinny plans”) promoted to employers…

A culture of health will generally provide fresh fruit to their employees.

Culture of Health: A New Perspective

One thing is clear, simply instituting a health and wellness program does not mean your employees are participating or that your business is benefiting. In order to drive employee engagement and ultimately realize business impact, a more robust approach must…

Weighing health vs. costs

Employer Wellness Programs: Are They Worth the Money?

Vince Han - in Economics

As HR executives and wellness directors navigate the rapidly developing employer-sponsored wellness landscape, a common plea from C-level management is for more clarity around ROI (Return on Investment). For every dollar spent to support employee wellness,…

A woman making a heart with her hands, framing the pink breast cancer awareness pin she is wearing.

Early Detection is Key to Breast Cancer Awareness

Melissa Mayfield - in Focused

Breast cancer is the 5th leading cause of death among women over the age of 40.

A man holding a stack of Euros

The Value Proposition of Worksite Clinics

Bill Crimmins - in Economics

In short Insurance Companies and TPA’s are in the risk business and administration...Work Site Clinic manager’s are in the provider business

A woman sick in bed, surrounded by used tissues.

The Downside of Being Unwell and How a Corporate Wellness Program Can Help

Greg Justice, MA - in Worksite Wellness

The costs of ill health, both in premiums and in lost productivity are staggering, up to $2,800 per employee per year, for those that have issues.

A woman writing a flow chart outlining the strategy process.

It Takes More Than a Pill: Finding New Strategies for Disease Prevention in Relation to Work Performance and Longevity

Mira Gadzala - in Worksite Wellness

There is no magic pill that can make us healthier, increase our effectiveness at work

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