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A doctor holing a shopping cart with a stethoscope in it

The Marriage of Marketing to Medicine

Valerie Hamilton - in Column

“If you stop smoking today, you will lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer, and it will likely add years to your life.” “If you lose weight, you will lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, and some…

A businessman at his desk with a sore neck

What’s Wrong With Wellness?

Dr. Bruce Campbell - in News & Insights

In order to build a culture of wellness in an organization, it’s important to be clear about what wellness means, the goals of the wellness program, what the program’s components are, and how the program “fits” into the work of the organization. Historically,…

The Challenge of Product Development for Voluntary Benefits

Roger Schultz - in Others

A speaker at a recent Voluntary Employee Benefits Board conference pleaded with attendees to take a fresh look at their product development processes and commit to significantly improve them.

A $100 lit on fire, just wasting money like a lot of wellness programs.

Marketing Corporate Wellness Programs

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Selling & Marketing

The world economic recession is having a serious effect on the US healthcare marketplace and how employers and insurance agents buy health insurance and implement it.

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