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Business people lining up behind a leader

Follow the Leader

Karen L. Andalman - in Focused

Follow the Leader In the quest for creating a culture of wellness in the workplace, it is imperative that senior level management take the lead. From an early age, we are conditioned to follow the positive examples set by our parents, older siblings and teachers.…

Using a medicine ball as a chair to engage the core, part of a culture of health.

4 Tips to Improve Company Health Culture

Sean Gallivan - in Worksite Wellness

Healthcare is a $2.8 trillion a year industry in the United States, which is the highest spend per country in the world, but the U.S. is by no means the healthiest. In order to create a healthier nation and put those dollars to making a difference in society,…

Understanding stress is crucial to avoid being like this guy,

What is Stress?

Dr. Jeffery Gero - in Focused

Stress is any strain or force on the body or mind; a power that deforms the shape of the body subjected to it. It is a dis-harmony or instability of a once-balanced state. Dr. Hans Selye, the most renowned authority and researcher on stress, defines it simply…

Analytics like this will be the future of wellness programs and cost savings

Results Based Wellness Revealed Through Analytics

Richard Kersh - in Worksite Wellness

The prevalence of outcomes-based wellness programs in combination with incentives and disincentives are becoming increasingly

Make wellness work for your company, and give your ROI a check up

Wellness: How to Make it Work for your Company

Since way back in the 1980’s articles have been published about the future of health care in America, including several by the above authors covering the direction of health and wellness programs

A thinking man in front of a whiteboard covered in ideas.

12 Tips to Implement an Effective Employee Health Program

Debroah McKeever - in Others

As healthcare costs rise, employers are becoming increasingly involved in employee health and wellness.

A doctor holding a chest x-ray. It is better to get the exam and not need it.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Mark Cassidy - in Others

The decision on whether to adopt pre-employment medicals should start with discussions on “why do we want to do pre-employment medicals

A woman trying on clothes in the mirror.

The Emperor’s New Clothes Are Extra Large

LeAura Alderson - in Worksite Wellness

Political Correctness may just be The Emperor’s New Clothes of our time. If someone has diabetes, we can say they have diabetes. If someone has cancer, we can say that they have cancer.

A sign saying "No Bully Zone"

Bullying: What are the Myths Surrounding Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace?

Marcia Reid - in News & Insights

Bullying and harassment in the workplace can have a significant negative impact on employee

A keyboard, with the enter key replaced by a blue key reading "future" .

The Future of Corporate Wellness: The Healthy Workplace

Joel Hershfield - in Worksite Wellness

The workplace is not too different from our personal lives. We’re caught up in the presen

A group of new treadmills in a row at an onsite clinic.

Onsite Fitness And Wellness Centers Do Not Have The Warranty They Think They Have On Their New Fitness Equipment

Steve Paterson - in Selling & Marketing

Onsite fitness and wellness centers across America are having problems with the warranty

A group of employees high-fiving.

Why Employers Should Link Employee Happiness to Greater Success

Jamey Bednez - in News & Insights

Many employers are being challenged to restrain rising health care costs. The realization that the lack

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