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A Banner with the words Tobacco: Addiction and Embarrassment and a plume of smoke.

Tobacco: Addiction and Embarrassment

Smoking is a very ‘personal habit’ Working with employees and their spouses in an employer-sponsored tobacco cessation program is an eye-opener for even the most experienced wellness coach. The most reoccurring theme is the embarrassment expressed by participants…

A physician using an advanced tablet computer

Advanced Analytics Methodology: Describe, Diagnose, Predict and Prescribe

Rabih Suki - in Focused

The spiraling cost of healthcare faced by our nation has reached more than $2 trillion and its inflationary pressures remain thus far unabated, outpacing all other categories of spending increase by many multiples. Within this vast number, healthcare w

A businessman standing in a conference room, staring out at the city of London/.

Establishing a Culture of Incidental Physical Activity in the Office Environment

The typical full-time desk based employee will be required to sit at a desk for approximately 80,000 hours during their working life.

A New Wellness Intervention

A New Wellness Intervention that Can Increase Cancer Screening Rates for Employers

As a component of corporate wellness programs, cancer screening provides one of the most direct and immediate health benefits.

A road sign giving directions to Prevention Ave.

The Power of Prevention

Larry J. Luter - in News & Insights

It’s easy to go through life thinking everything with your body is ok, especially if pain and discomfort rarely rear their ugly heads. But some of the most devastating medical problems are quiet with their damage

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