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A pile of empty prescription bottles

Proactive Health Care – Drugs Are Not the Answer

Russell Benaroya - in Column

Modern Healthcare published an article by the Associated Press discussing the new heights reached by FDA approvals last year. An impressive forty-one first-of-a-kind drugs have been approved, the highest total since 1996 when the agency sanctioned fifty-three…

A pill bottle on its side, with medicine falling out of it.

The Implications of Acetaminophen Overdose for Injured Workers

Tron Empatage - in News & Insights

One of the most commonly used drugs to relieve pain and fever, acetaminophen is contained in a number of prescription medications and is a popular over-the-counter medication.

A computer screen showing the results of a cancer screening from multiple angles.

Employer Sponsored Cancer Screening

Jonathan Spero, M.D - in Focused

With healthcare reform mandating coverage for many preventative services employers are taking a closer look

An eye exam chart with a close up of an eye in the background.

Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays

Barbara Berger - in Worksite Wellness

Simply stated, vision changes as people get older. 94% of adults 55 and older need some vision correction.1 One reason for this, is our eyes are exposed to the sun often as we age;

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