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EEOC Proposed Rules Provide Long-Awaited Guidance for Wellness Programs

Susan M. Nash - in Column

For the past few years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has flexed its muscle by bringing legal actions to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) against employers who sponsor certain types of wellness programs for their employees.…

A gavel and law books symbolizing the changing wellness laws.

Wellness Programs Feeling the Heat as the EEOC Increases Its Efforts

Jennifer S. Kupper, J.D. - in Column

While wellness programs have increased in popularity, according to the 2014 UBA Health Plan Survey, actual wellness program adoption has been in a holding pattern. As one might expect, the highest percentage (58.8%) of plans offering wellness benefits came…

A man performing an audit with a calculator and stacks on notebooks

The Reality of Health & Welfare Plan Audits

Bobbi Kloss - in Column

If you are like me, an HR Director, my email in box gets filled on a daily basis with newsletters and legal alerts notifying me of all the mandates, clarifications of the mandates and changes to the mandates, coming from Washington on the Affordable Care Act…

Cancer patients have rights too!

Understanding the Legal Rights of Working Cancer Survivors and Employees with Cancer: Part 2

Lorna Sills Katica - in Focused

*This article is the second of a two-part series on the legal rights of cancer survivors and employees with

A series of manila folders with the headers "BILLS", "Dental/Medical", and "FINANCING"

Unlock Cash for Financial Wellness

The first step to achieving financial well-being is through optimal health. Today, individuals

A map with a pin placed in El Paso, Mexico.

Cross-Border Healthcare: A Creative Option for Texas Self-Insured Employers

José Aroeste - in Others

One of the advantages of self-funding for employers in Texas is the ability to include cross-border healthcare.

A medicine bottle with dollars and pills falling out, next to a stethoscope

Fund Your Prescription Program

Crystal Williams - in Others

It's a fact. One of the key items an employer can realize by going into any kind of an ERISA self-funded employee benefit program is that the employer can control the benefits that are inherent to that program. And by controlling the benefits,

A broker standing in the rain, holding an envelope and an umbrella.

How Can Brokers Survive Healthcare Reform?

Adam Bruckman - in News & Insights

Health care reform has America’s employers scrambling to ensure they will be in compliance, scratching their heads about certain provisions and secretly wondering if their company is prepared for what comes next.

This checklist will give you the tools and rules your wellness program needs.

Good-Intentioned Wellness Programs Need Rules Too

Emily Noll - in Worksite Wellness

A drier topic never draws a bigger crowd than a workshop on legal compliance regarding employment benefits. While Human Resource professionals aren’t required to be legal experts,

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