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Fifty Shades of Well-being – Investing in the Whole Person

Amy Cohen - in Features

Good friends and family, a successful career, plenty of money, prestige, or a great physique -- depending on whom is asked ask – can make life worthwhile. But, when measuring life’s satisfaction, there are key elements including, but not limited to, emotional,…

Two road signs on top of each other. The top one says "new way" and the bottom says "healthcare"

How to Reduce Health Costs and Save Lives

It’s a rare feat in today’s business world when an organization can avoid reducing health insurance benefits or shifting costs onto employees in the face of runaway

A stress-out woman surrounded by full binders, holding a sign that reads" Help!"

The Stress of Being Stressed Out

Judy Belmont - in Focused

Steven Slater’s incident of air rage that made national news this past summer has triggered an onslaught of support from many who see in Slater’s situation the realization of their own “

Two men shacking hands over a laptop.

Happy Hour is 9-5

Colleen Reilly - in Others

What a cool name of a business book. I was doing additional research on health and productivity when I came across

A long empty road in the middle of nowhere, how some still wellness programs in Hong Kong.

Corporate Health & Wellness in Hong Kong – A Road Yet To Be Travelled

Petro Loho - in Worksite Wellness

The rising prosperity of Asia's growing economies has drawn adverse consequences on employee wellness and the work-life balance of many people.

A man clutching his chest with heart pain.

Surprising Facts about Heart Disease

We all know the facts. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States for both men and women. Having an active lifestyle combined with a healthy diet

Three doctors at a worksite wellness clinic discuss a patients charts.

The Evolution of Worksite Wellness

Dr. Allan Khoury - in Worksite Wellness

Employers taking an interest in the health and fitness of their employees may seem like a recent development

Technology and internet access will play a crucial role in personal health in future.

Can the Internet Help Us Improve our Health?

The idea that patients are responsible for actively managing and maintaining their personal health and well-being – known in the medical community

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