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Depression in the Workplace: The Unexpected Threat to your Company

A significant and consistent focus for any organization is reducing costs to improve its financial bottom line. This emphasis on spending can often result in limitations on travel, policies on employee spending, or staff layoffs. Yet, the effect of an employee’s…

An exercise class with medicine balls

Health Promotion: IBM ‘Commits’ to Corporate Wellness

Megan Turner - in Features

IBM, a multinational technology and innovation company, relies on a steadfast commitment for senior leadership and a strategic, integrated approach to address more than 400,000 employees from some 100 countries. A Commit to Health approach encourages employees…

Nurse listening to plastic heart

Take a Whole-Health Approach to an Employee Wellness Program

Amy Haft - in News & Insights

Employers who seek to add a wellness program to their overall Employee Assistance Program (EAP) package will want to research programs with a focus on not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. This can be accomplished by including a behavioral health…

A stressed employee sailing a sea of paper work.

Combating the Cost of Stress

Michael Susi - in Economics

The cost of stress hits both individuals and organizations in so many silent ways that neither knows they are under attack until the damage is done.

Measuring outcomes is essential to a successful employee assistance program.

A Measure of Success: A Checkup for Your EAP and Wellness Programs

David A. Sharar, Ph.D. - in Others

Businesses are increasingly using analytics to mine “big data” to get refined insight into everything from product design to marketing, customer service to manufacturing processes and, more recently,

A picture of a green Granny Smith apple and a tape measure.

Health Reform Prompts Employers to get Creative with Wellness

Dr. Ann D. Clark - in News & Insights

The epic debate on health care raised plenty of controversy and confusion

A piggy bank with money in it, surrounded by different pills.

Creating a Financial Wellness Program

Alison Hinson - in Selling & Marketing

MMG Insurance, headquartered in Presque Isle, Maine, offers a wide variety of personal and commercial property and casualty insurances.

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