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Jonathan Edelheit, Editor in Chief of Corporate Wellness Magazine shares his thoughts on the wellness industry

Education Picks up When ROI Fails – A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

What offers a steady hand in times of volatility no matter which market or business sector you are in? Education and integrity. Whether you work as a human resources professional, wellness manager, insurance broker or corporate suite executive, it is the…

A physician using an advanced tablet computer

Advanced Analytics Methodology: Describe, Diagnose, Predict and Prescribe

Rabih Suki - in Focused

The spiraling cost of healthcare faced by our nation has reached more than $2 trillion and its inflationary pressures remain thus far unabated, outpacing all other categories of spending increase by many multiples. Within this vast number, healthcare w

An insulin needle and a stethoscope

Fighting Diabetes with Knowledge and Action: A Plan for Corporate Wellness

Brad Cummins - in Focused

Diabetes is a modern scourge, an illness we need to confront – and to whatever extent possible, conquer – so corporate wellness can flourish. The enclosed questions and answers offer perspective about this condition, for the good of al

A woman buying healthy frozen meal at the grocery store

Wellness and Convenience: Personal Accessories That Further Good Health

Lewis Fein - in Worksite Wellness

Corporate wellness is, as I never fail to remind readers, an exercise in education. It is an effort to inform workers about issues of critical importance, topics rife with innovation and impressive results. Nowhere is that point more relevant, and nowhere…

A student using an iPad

Wellness Through Teaching: The Future of Online Learning and Healthier Workers

Keith Williams - in News & Insights

Online learning is an interactive experience, a dynamic way to improve personal health and corporate wellness. It is this concept of a global classroom, expansive in its material and exceptional in the quality of its faculty, that is a reality now. It is not…

Employees examining health data to determine if their wellness program is effective.

Does Corporate Wellness Work? A Global Perspective on Workplace Health Promotion

Wolf Kirsten - in Worksite Wellness

A recent editorial in the American Journal of Health Promotion by Michael O’Donnell titled Does Workplace Health Promotion Work or Not?

Telemedicine is a growing trend, letting people speak to a doctor anywhere.

The Future of Wellness Is Here: Managing Chronic Disease via Interactive Health and Wellness Education

Sidney Slover - in Focused

Chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and arthritis – are among the most

An apple on a teachers desk with a pencil, a blackboard and chalk in the background.

The Role of Education in Health and Wellness Programs

Jay B. Rea - in Worksite Wellness

All across America, corporations are implementing Health & Wellness programs, seeing the immense potential in having a healthier, more productive workforce.

A sign pointing to Mexico, with the words "Cross-Border Healthcare in California – Salud con Health Net" below.

Cross-Border Healthcare in California – Salud con Health Net

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Selling & Marketing

Many health insurance companies have been or are starting to offer options for health

An yacht in the middle of the water, but you don't need one to be the cool company.

You Don’t Need A Boat In Your Boardroom To Be A Cool Company

Jackie Savi-Cannon - in Economics

As our corporate structures morph before our eyes, new business models and cultures are emerging. For old-school thinkers, this may seem extremely eccentric.

A smiling, engaged woman riding a stationary bike at the gym.

Successfully Engaging Employees in Wellness Programs

Annmarie Fini - in Worksite Wellness

Health and wellness professionals consistently report that motivating individuals to participate in a workplace wellness program is the biggest challenge they face.

Financial Wellness Programs

Financial Wellness Programs Help Employees Get More Out of Paychecks, Even Without Raises

Barbara J. Stark - in Economics

It’s 9 a.m. and John Smith turns on his workstation computer to begin his workday

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