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A dentist and dental hygenist examining a patient's mouth.

Oral Cancer: An Inside look

Nearly 36,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer and another 7,600 will die from the disease

An excited woman looking through binoculars.

A Fresh Look At Voluntary Benefits

Barbara Howe - in Others

Employers face multiple challenges in providing competitive benefits – rising medical costs, a difficult economic environment, and uncertainty concerning the impact of last year’s health care reform law.

A map with a pin placed in El Paso, Mexico.

Cross-Border Healthcare: A Creative Option for Texas Self-Insured Employers

José Aroeste - in Others

One of the advantages of self-funding for employers in Texas is the ability to include cross-border healthcare.

An employee covered in yellow stick notes.

Open Enrollment Effectiveness Crucial in Curbing Workers’ Costly Benefit Mistakes

Ron Agypt - in Economics

Open enrollment this year might prove to be more confusing for workers than ever before and could result in added costly mistakes when it comes to benefit decisions.

A collage of different smiles and of women brushing their teeth, with a happy dentist in the middle.

Smile Well

Mark Roberts - in Focused

When you get up in the morning to get ready for work, does your smile make you feel better?

A business executive at an airport.

A Healthy Bottom Line Starts with Executive Health

Dr. Walter Gaman - in Economics

It’s Monday and the biggest decision of the year stems on today’s meeting

The Statue of Liberty on an American Flag background.

Americans Love to Smile

Mark Roberts - in Others

Americans love to smile. Keeping those pearly whites nice and white should be a priority for everyone to maintain a great smile and a healthy life.

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