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A doctor coming out of a laptop screen to show the concept of telemedicine

What is Next-generation Telemedicine?

Lena Cheng, MD - in Column

Blockbuster vs Netflix. Flip phones vs smartphones. Paper maps vs GPS. Traditional banking vs online banking. We are surrounded by products and services that help us get the things we need and want -- faster, easier, and, in some cases, cheaper than just a…

A helping hand can help employee jump the wellness gap

‘Dangling the Carrot’ – Using Incentives to Achieve Corporate Health and Wellness Goals

Sue Blankenhagen - in Worksite Wellness

In recent years, human resource offices across North America have made it a priority to elevate their levels of corporate health and wellness. Companies are clearly recognizing that employee wellness programs benefit everyone, especially as healthcare costs…

A broker standing in the rain, holding an envelope and an umbrella.

How Can Brokers Survive Healthcare Reform?

Adam Bruckman - in News & Insights

Health care reform has America’s employers scrambling to ensure they will be in compliance, scratching their heads about certain provisions and secretly wondering if their company is prepared for what comes next.

Employees in a busy hallway with a motion blur.

Workplace Wellness In Motion

Dr. David Koivuranta - in Focused

Motion is life and life is motion. Business in motion creates profits. Stagnant businesses lose money. Employees in motion create thriving companies.

A pair of hands holding several medication packages, all of different colors and sizes.

Medication Compliance Is a Top Concern for Employers

Dan Leonard - in Economics

Some 54% of Americans don’t take their medicines or follow a treatment plan as prescribed by their health care provider.

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