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A brain showing the concept of Somatic Functional Therapy

Somatic Functional Therapy: Drug-Free, Pain-Free Approach

Les C. Meyer - in Features

Since her diagnosis in 2000, every doctor told her Parkinson’s disease was progressive and her health status would never improve. Reluctantly settling for a bleak future, Diane’s condition deteriorated toward a state of excruciating pain that required…

Back pain can be crippling, until you find the proper exercise.

Finding the Right Exercise Therapy for Back Pain

Strategies for using exercise therapy to improve outcomes in chronic low back pain reports there continues to be uncertainty about the most effective exercise approach in chronic low back pain.

A glass jar labeled "medicine" full of a variety of pills of gifferent shapes, colors and sizes.

8 Tips To Reduce Narcotics Abuse in Workers’ Compensation

Tron Empatage - in Economics

On-the-job injuries often involve chronic pain for injured workers and long-term liability for workers’ compensation self-insured payors.

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