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A nurse helping a diabetes patient check their blood sugar

Treatment Toward a Cure: A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Diabetic and other Neuropathies

Introduction In the United States and most developed countries, the quality of medical care continues to grow in the treatment of acute disease, many cancers and genetic disease. Sadly, such has not been the case of most chronic disease.  Efforts have largely…

A small business owner

Wellness for Small Business – It’s Possible, Stop Saying No and Start Saying Yes!

Elana Magen - in Focused

In terms of wellness, small businesses may not have the financial resources, knowledge of wellness or how to offer it to the employees, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible, it just means their offerings just may be somewhat different than their larger…

Calculating costs with spreadsheets and a calculator

Employee Healthcare Cost Containment – A Strategy that Works

Jonathan Spero, M.D - in Economics

American employers will be looking forward to another year of rising healthcare costs for their employees and dependents. Despite countless incremental solutions such as wellness programs, consumer driven healthcare and provider payment reform, there has been…

A wooden gavel with a red stethoscope.

Understanding the Legal Rights of Working Cancer Survivors and Employees with Cancer: Part 1

Lorna Sills Katica - in Focused

Almost 12 million Americans with a cancer history were living in 2008, and approximately 1.6 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2012.1 About 40% of persons diagnosed with cancer each year are working-age adults.2 The survival rate for cancer continues…

An employee working while smoking a cigarette with loose tie.

From Policy to Outcomes: How One Employer Reduced Tobacco Use Among Employees

Anne Weaver - in Worksite Wellness

Despite a steady reduction in the prevalence of adult cigarette smokers in the United States,

A stack of $100 bills wrapped in a stethoscope.

Taking Control: Real Health Care Reform

Scott Leavitt - in News & Insights

The much anticipated Supreme Court ruling of the Health Care Reform’s (PPACA)

A stack on $100 bills locked in a chain and padlock.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Critical Illness

TJ Gibb - in Column

According to a 2009 study by Harvard researchers, 62 percent of personal bankruptcies in the United States in 2007 were caused by health problems and 78% of those filers had health insurance.

A gumball machine full of cherries rather than unhealthy food like candy.

Employees Are What They Eat – The Importance of Integrating Nutrition in Corporate Wellness

Amanda Carlson-Phillips - in Worksite Wellness

For many years, corporate wellness programs focused almost entirely on movement programming,

A picture of an apple with a tape measurer around it, and barbells with the word "Is Your Organization a Healthy Enterprise?"

Is Your Organization a Healthy Enterprise?

Steven Cyboran - in Worksite Wellness

A major, but often unrecognized, factor underlying most employers’

Applying Best Practices to Study the Impact of Health Promotion Programs Benefit Costs

The establishment of the health risk appraisal and advent of corporate fitness centers more than 20 years ago was the beginning of worksite health promotion as we know it today.

A stethoscope listening to a keyboard key, with the words "Increasing Chronic Disease Costs Lowered with Digital Health Coaching"

Increasing Chronic Disease Costs Lowered with Digital Health Coaching

Dr. Steven M. Schwartz - in Worksite Wellness

Given the continual steep rise in health care costs in an already challenging economic environment,

The instrument panel of a car lit up, with the words "How to Drive Value Creation in the C-Suite" below .

How to Drive Value Creation in the C-Suite

In the eyes of a CEO, businesses create jobs, innovate, manufacture and provide the services that drive economic growth.

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