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A doctor handing a patient an envelope

Corporate Wellness: Push the Envelope Toward Lower Healthcare Costs

Wellness, as we know it, is at a crossroads. For those of us who have been in the industry a while – a long while – we are seeing opportunity and change. We are seeing employers from all industries looking for the silver bullet that will bend the steep…

A repairman fixing a water heater. Don't healthcare reform compliance ruin your company!

“We Were Going to Fix That” – Employers Solutions to Healthcare Reform

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

Last week I attended to attend a healthcare reform seminar. During the seminar in the morning breakfast was served to everyone.

A stack of dollar bills in blood pressure cuff.

How Governments and Unions Can Protect Their Healthcare Coverage While Reducing Taxpayer Costs

Peter Burchard - in Economics

The severity of the healthcare cost and wellness crisis faced by state and local governments is beyond the pale. Combined with unfunded pension...

A sign pointing to Mexico, with the words "Cross-Border Healthcare in California – Salud con Health Net" below.

Cross-Border Healthcare in California – Salud con Health Net

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Selling & Marketing

Many health insurance companies have been or are starting to offer options for health

A man laying down with an oxygen mask on his face.

Breathing Life (Insurance) Into the Forgotten Generation

Tom Morey - in Others

Brokers and agents face a unique set of market dynamics, many of which pose a threat to their financial livelihood.

An excited woman looking through binoculars.

A Fresh Look At Voluntary Benefits

Barbara Howe - in Others

Employers face multiple challenges in providing competitive benefits – rising medical costs, a difficult economic environment, and uncertainty concerning the impact of last year’s health care reform law.

Health Insurance Exchanges: Let’s Do Them Right

Health Insurance Exchanges: Let’s Do Them Right

Dennis Triplett - in News & Insights

Regardless of the ongoing debate, healthcare reform is now the law of the land, and we need to begin the process of developing meaningful consumer-oriented products and solutions.

An agent or broker praying for help, with a life preserver made of money being thrown to him.

Why Healthcare Reform is a Perfect Storm and How Voluntary Benefits can Provide a Crucial Lifeline

Kevin Seeker - in Economics

MLR’s, Cadillac Plan taxes, grandfathering, higher deductibles and co-pays all are,

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