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Worksite wellness gets a leg up from standing desks.

Why Do We Sit for so Long? An Ergonomic Designer Takes the Sitting Disease to Task

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

As ergonomic thought leaders tailor their products and services to the growing needs of employers seeking answers to employee back pain from sitting all day, they hope to do more than mass market their wares—they want to help people regain a sense of…

Holistic Approaches for Employees Coping with Cancer banner

Holistic Approaches for Employees Coping with Cancer

Larissa Brass - in Cancer, Column

When Sandy Tracy was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year, the last people she felt like talking to about it were her co-workers. “I don’t like people feeling sorry for me,” she said. “I just wanted to go back to everything being OK. I just wanted…

A nurse posing with a screening machine in a doctor's office.

Simple Screening Can Protect Your Workforce from Major Problems.

Johnette van Eeden - in News & Insights

Providing screening and preventive care services is a great way to improve the health of your workforce.

A doctor in a lab coat, holding a small chalk board that reads "Cancer Prevention".

7 Strategies for Preventing Cancer in Your Corporate Employees

No one wants to hear that an employee has cancer. The news of such a devastating disease brings images of emotional sadness and uncertainty.

A New Wellness Intervention

A New Wellness Intervention that Can Increase Cancer Screening Rates for Employers

As a component of corporate wellness programs, cancer screening provides one of the most direct and immediate health benefits.

A mixture of healthy vegetables shown to help prevent colon cancer.

The Colon Cancer Reality

Last year alone, over 50,000 people died of Colon Cancer.

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