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A woman sleeping peacefully.

Sleep Well

Brandon Walker - in Column

It’s 3 pm, and there a giant pile of work on your desk, but you can’t think clearly enough to tackle it. Your eyes are getting heavy, your thoughts are jumbled and your keyboard is suddenly looking like a nice place to rest your head. You are fading fast.…

A doctor listening to a plastic valentine's day heart

The Hearts Given Away on Valentine’s Day Should be Healthy (and Insured)

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and romantics throughout the nation have hearts and flowers on their minds. Perhaps it’s only appropriate that February is also National Heart Health Month and a great time to start taking steps to be heart healthy. According…

A man in front of a no smoking sign

Employees who Smoke can Cost You: So How about Doing Something?

Kytle Frye - in Economics

In today’s business environment, with increasing government regulation and marked uncertainty, wise employers want to do whatever they can to be in a position to manage their costs and to increase employee productivity. With the passage of the Affordable…

Addiction can effect employees in all organizations across the globe.

Addiction and the Workforce

Johnny Tabaie - in Focused

In the midst of the Great Recession, and the impact it has had across a multitude of professions, there is a corresponding phenomenon - a tragic but undeniable fact - that continues to strike our most able and ambitious professionals: Addiction. The excessive…

Wellness is more than health, it is happiness

Wellness is Not Just about Health!

Rajeev Mudumba - in Worksite Wellness

With President Obama winning his second innings at the White House, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), and its implementations are back in focus.

Telemedicine is a growing trend, letting people speak to a doctor anywhere.

The Future of Wellness Is Here: Managing Chronic Disease via Interactive Health and Wellness Education

Sidney Slover - in Focused

Chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and arthritis – are among the most

A man writing words like partner, assist and support to demonstrate the paradigm shift happening at their company.

A Systems Thinking Approach to “Collective Impact”; the Necessary Ingredients for a Paradigm Shift in Engaging Public Health Prevention and Corporate Wellness Programs

Frank G. Magourilos - in News & Insights

"General Systems Theory, a related modern concept [to holism], says that each variable in any system

An business meeting where a disengaged employee is asleep.

Engaging Wellness for your Organization

Mark Roberts - in Worksite Wellness

The big buzz in employee healthcare for the past two years has been, and continues to be, wellness. The focus on that topic has been almost relentless

A plastic hearth with a stethoscope on an EKG readout, all of the elements of a good health diagnostic.

Improve Your ROI With a Wellness Diagnostic

Fabien Loszach - in Worksite Wellness

The benefits of promoting healthy lifestyles in the workplace have been proven; good employee health boosts productivity,

A long empty road in the middle of nowhere, how some still wellness programs in Hong Kong.

Corporate Health & Wellness in Hong Kong – A Road Yet To Be Travelled

Petro Loho - in Worksite Wellness

The rising prosperity of Asia's growing economies has drawn adverse consequences on employee wellness and the work-life balance of many people.

A man clutching his chest with heart pain.

Surprising Facts about Heart Disease

We all know the facts. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States for both men and women. Having an active lifestyle combined with a healthy diet

The word Health written in sand on the beach.

Wellness Programs are not just for the Big Companies Anymore!

Scott Leavitt - in News & Insights

As employers are looking at ways to reduce expenses to keep their doors open and remain profitable during this tough economy, they are looking at the cost of providing benefits.

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