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A stick figure overcoming stress to move past it and excel.

Reduce Aging & Improve Health by Managing Your Stress

Dr. Jeffery Gero - in Others

The foremost researcher and authority on stress, Dr. Hans Selye, defined stress as "the rate of wear and

People racing around the office, showing the passage of time.

Getting Older: The Inevitable

Steven F. Hotze, M.D. - in Worksite Wellness

Getting older: It is an inevitable“disease” that plagues us all at some point, and for your executives,age can become their biggest competitor and your company’s biggest threat.

Three older women playing soccer while laughing and smiling.

Baby Boomer Behavior, a Little bit Naughty and a Little bit Naïve

Virginia Eanes - in Others

We shook it up baby, we could twist and shout. We went to Woodstock, rocked and rolled.

A nurse helping a senior woman eat a meal, one of the many benefits of LTCi

Why Long Term Care Insurance?

Jim Del Vecchio, JD - in Others

When we examine the voluntary benefits landscape, certain features rise to the obvious. For example, few voluntary participants doubt the desirability,

A woman and her infant daughter playing in a fountain.

How to Maintain Your Youth

Alison R. Craig - in Focused

A decision to do whatever it takes is exactly what it takes in most cases to increase your health, and thus your life expectancy.

Sleep is an essential part of any health regime.

The Truth About Beauty Sleep

Howard Murad - in Others

Although we don’t generally think of sleep as a great time to get things done, our bodies and minds accomplish a tremendous amount of hard work while

Directions to the right way and the wrong way.

Don’t Get Worse

Jim Wachtel - in Others

The realities of the typical American lifestyle and the natural progression of ageing consistently show that overall health

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