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Dr. Jerry Kornfeld

Dr. Jerry Kornfeld is a graduate of the University of California Schools of Public Health and School of Medicine and serves on the clinical faculty of the UCLA School of Medicine, He is one of the top rated speakers for Vistage International, a worldwide organization of CEO’s. He travels the world educating corporate executives and their employees about wellness issues. He can be reached at. [email protected] and www.askdoctorjerry.com.
A worksite wellness program has to potential to change someone from being obese to being a runner.

Making Your Wellness Program Work: Its All About Corporate Culture and Permanent Lifestyle Change

Dr. Jerry Kornfeld - in Worksite Wellness

An often overlooked part of any corporate wellness program is the culture of the company. If the company does not value health, then any attempt to make employees healthier is doomed to failure. Chaning that culture can be difficul, but not impossible. In…

A surgeon operating on a $10 bill with surgical equipment and devices.

Cut Health Care Costs by Establishing a “Culture of Health”

Dr. Jerry Kornfeld - in Economics

As every CEO and company owner knows, health care costs have skyrocketed over the past several years.

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