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5 Workplace Habits That Are Great For Your Health

As physiotherapists, we are constantly treating ailments associated with bad workplace habits. For example, if you sit at a desk for the majority of your working day, then you're probably putting unwanted pressure on your spine. This pressure leads to poor posture and could have a detrimental effect on your health.

Another consequence of sitting at your desk all day is the negative consequences associated with poor blood circulation. This, of course, could be alleviated through compression socks and stockings.

Everyday there are bad workplace habits which may lead to long term health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, chronic pain and more. Today, we will divulge into great workplace habits that have a positive impact on your health.

1. Stretch Once Every Hour

Slouching at your desk may lead to bad posture; however, this can be reversed. Stretching is great for circulation and it relieves pressure off the spine. Poor posture may lead to back pain or other back-related ailments, therefore it's best to stretch periodically throughout the day. Simply remind yourself once every hour to get up and stretch your arms, legs, and back.

2. Adjust Your Sight

Most of us stare at a computer monitor all day, which is great for your workplace productivity, however it's not the greatest action for your eyesight. In order to improve your eyesight, it's best to spend time focusing on objects which are a long distance away.

To adjust your eyesight, focus on a faraway object for a few seconds. This could be a light, another building, a street or even a tree. This action will reduce the risk of eye-related ailments.

3. Take Deep Breaths

Implementing a solid breathing technique can reduce your stress. Clinical studies have shown that receiving more oxygen reduces cortisol, the stress hormone in your body. Remember to take deep breaths, especially in stressful situations.

4. Implement Walking Meetings

The latest trend that has taken over the office has been walking meetings. You may be asking yourself: what is a walking meeting? Walking meetings are meetings that occur while walking as opposed to the boardroom, lunchroom, or office.

Walking meetings are great for your health and give you an added benefit of fresh air. According to the Harvard Business Review researchers found that walking meetings had a profound impact on workplace creativity.

5. Get Good Sleep

Researchers estimate that insomnia costs companies $US 31.1 billion each year. Insomnia is detrimental to workplace productivity and also has negative consequences on your overall mood.

If you're looking for happiness while at work, it may be best to sleep at least seven hours each night. Good sleep will increase your overall mood and will have a positive impact on your workplace productivity.

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