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Work Can be a Real Pain in the Neck

Hunching over a computer or phone all day can be a pain the neck - literally. If you are like most employees, staring at a screen all day then neck pain may be all too familiar to you. These long hours hunched over cause muscle strain in the neck and spine. Here are some tips to help you relieve that tension.

1. Get an Eye Exam. Straining your eyes to see the screen takes a toll on the neck muscles. As people age, it is common for our sight to become blurry. The effect is gradual, and many have no idea they have trouble seeing. An eye exam and a proper prescription will ensure your eyes can see and your neck is happy.

2. Put Your Computer Monitor at Eye Level. With your computer in front of you, sit like you normally would. Is your screen directly in front of you? If you are looking down to see, then you need to prop up your monitor to make sure the center of the screen is level with your eyes.

3. Get Up! Staying in the same sitting position all day is bad for the spine and neck. So get up and go for a walk when you can, or use a standing desk to stay productive and healthy. Just don't sit in the same position the entire day!

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