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Wellness from a Collective Well of Knowledge

Sometimes personal wellness is a statement of personal history, of a series of customs and traditions, of a collection of homemade remedies and a book of ingredients - more like a mental album of recommendations to lessen pain and improve a variety of conditions - so the best of nature can empower the best within us.

Such is the story of the founders of Pure Hemp Collective, makers of hemp-based salves, tinctures, capsules and topical creams, among other things. I cite this brand for three reasons. First, the popularity of these products is a form of independent validation, which is to say the demand from consumers is a testament to the efficacy of these items, on the one hand, and the appeal of hemp extract, on the other.

That appeal begins with education: The more people know about the benefits of these salves and creams - the more the public learns about plant-based alternatives to prescription drugs, for example - the more eager individuals will be to try these things. Secondly, transparency is a virtue.

That is, when a brand communicates with candor, when a brand expresses its values through acts of virtue, when a brand stands for something greater than sales and profits -- when a brand does all of these things, there is little or no doubt about its mission. Thirdly, it is easier - and more affordable - to have a product that has many advantages than it is to carry (and shelve) a multitude of single-purpose health or medicinal items.

Let me return, then, to my earlier point about the purity of plant-based remedies, which contain a high-quality concentration of hemp extract. When designing such a product, when reviewing the characteristics of individual plants, when blending these ingredients to provide quick absorption and immediate relief, it is essential to have great fluency with these issues.

These ingredients - including coconut oil, sweet almond oil, arnica, hempseed oil, hemp extract oil, jojoba oil, calendula, shea butter and a proprietary blend of essential oils - are the result of a scrupulous review process. This emphasis on excellence advances health and wellness, but it is also a source of conversation and a means of word-of-mouth marketing.

That discussion, be it among employers and/or employees, is an exchange of ideas.It is a forum about individual health and the health of a workforce that ensures people have the information they need, that ensures they have access to the products they want, that ensures they have the chance to free themselves from medications that cause more problems than they purportedly cure.

This conversation will relieve individuals of the anxiety they have about their respective ailments. It will give them an opportunity to better appreciate the use of hemp-based extracts and oils. It will give them the clarity they crave, and the rewards they covet, thanks to those salves, tinctures, capsules and topical creams that work without delay or complications.

Now is the time to celebrate a new era of wellness. Now is the time to champion a new era of science and ingenuity.

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Lewis Fein writes about a variety of health and wellness issues, in addition to pieces about technology, business, and management. Based in Southern California, you may email him at

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