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The Reward in Risky Business

As I reflect on the excitement and growth of the 3rd Annual Employer Healthcare Congress, I think of a quote from one of our Keynote speakers, Bill Rancic, who said, "Keep your options open. And remember, where there is no risk, there is no reward."

One of many inspirational and motivational quotes from Bill Rancic, these words make a powerful statement. The advice to never close any doors but to walk through them boldly and willing to take risk, resonates with the challenges our industry is facing.

From unsustainable rising healthcare and health insurance costs, healthcare reform, and what seems to be a never-ending economic recession, these challenges are a true to test of our ability to try new business practices, get creative, and collaborate with colleagues in efforts to reinvigorate each other and open up new ideas and concepts.

The risk; carefully evaluating budgets and bottom lines, and making the best assessment of investing time and effort, will be a result of the ultimate reward; succeeding in your business. With this in mind as we headed to Chicago for the recent Employer Healthcare Congress, October 26-28, 2011, our goal was to help you meet these challenges through our speakers, educational content, and exhibitor showcases.  

We took our risks this year, heavily investing in bringing some of the best keynote speakers to press upon the cutting edge issues. Our success comes from the feeling of knowing our attendees had access to some of the best keynote speakers not seen at other healthcare and insurance conferences before; Susan Voss, President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Cecil Wilson, President of the American Medical Association, Mitch Joel, Social Media Guru and best-selling author of Six Pixels of Separation, John Casey, Director of International Benefits at Google, and of course, Bill Rancic, Entrepreneur and Season 1 Winner of NBC's The Apprentice.

The reward we receive is the fulfillment in providing the 2011 Employer Healthcare Congress participants with the knowledge to assess the four critical areas of our industry.  We passionately dedicated our time to research these areas and give participants the crucial educational content.  

The power this information holds, in giving our attendees the confidence to move forward with the changing industry, is truly invaluable. Employer Healthcare Congress speakers dissected healthcare reform; from changing the name of the game, understanding it and complying with it.

Our experts in the industry touched on utilizing Voluntary Benefits as a protective cushion for employees during these tough economic times, the advantages of Self Funding Healthcare, and how to engage employees with sustainable corporate wellness programs.

Our team at the Employer Healthcare Congress is already gearing up and planning for 2012 in South Florida, October 24-26th. We are "keeping our options open" and thinking outside the box to continue our precedent of cutting edge speakers and relevant educational content. Most importantly, we are taking risks because our reward is preparing you for whatever the future has in store.

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