Business of Well-being

The Power Of Wellness Education

The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress has trained and educated thousands of insurance agents and brokers, human resource professionals and related industry interest on the intricacies of corporate wellness, healthcare reform, voluntary benefits and self-funding for close to a decade.

We introduced new certifications, last year, for fitness and nutrition professionals looking to work in a corporate environment. Our certification programs empower industry professionals and open career opportunities for them.

  • Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS)
  • Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist (CHRS)
  • Certified Voluntary Benefits Specialist (CVBS)
  • Self-Insurance Certified Specialist (SICS)
  • Certified Corporate Fitness Professional (CCFP)
  • Certified Corporate Nutrition Professional(CCNP)

These programs, instructed by recognized litigators and industry veterans who present verifiable case studies, represent more than a seminar so that, upon completion, participants will have earned a certificate of value.

Our programs have grown substantially since courses were first offered at the annual Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress. Certified training and education continues to be an attractive staple of the conference, but these same programs are now available online or at one of the group classes sponsored by employers throughout the United States as well.

Many companies are reaping the benefits of employee certification at their sites; thereby, ensuring their most valuable assets are up-to-date on the latest laws while, at the same time, avoiding costs and logistics associated with training new employees.

We now offer group certifications events for CCWS, CVBS and CHRS designations Group events are invaluable. They allow learning in a classroom setting, where questions and engagement with the presenter -- impossible during an online certification -- is encouraged and facilitated.

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