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The Future of Corporate Wellness: An Interview with Graduates of the Corporate Certified Wellness Specialist Program

The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new era of work; employees and employers alike are paying more attention to workplace health and wellness and are rethinking their wellbeing initiatives and organizational culture. Now more than ever, the need for safety, health, and wellbeing is driving a shift in the workplace that focuses on the employee.

The Corporate Wellness Magazine sat with a recent graduate of the Corporate Certified Wellness Specialist program, Michelle Lauren, to talk about current trends in corporate wellness and how the specialist course has redefined her perspective on personal and corporate wellness. Lauren is the Human Resources Business Partner and Well-being Coordinator at PMI Foods, SLC Utah.

Q: How important is well-being to you personally?
It is everything!!!  Dr. Deepak Chopra says wellness is your biomarker (annual physical numbers) but well-being is whole life integration, the balance between one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Q: What change have you noticed over the last year with corporate wellness?
One thing we have seen more of this past year is the prevalence of mental health problems. Mental health issues have increased by 46% since the pandemic began.

Q: Where do you see the industry headed?

I see the industry evolving into a 5D model of business, which Ayurveda already provides. This involves integrative medicine, which fuses conventional medicine with eastern and western philosophies for prevention and treatment.  

Further, mental health issues will be de-stigmatized and mindfulness will emerge at the forefront of healthcare. Society as a whole will begin to adopt the mind-body interconnectedness and see that all areas need well-being and self-care. More and more people are desperate for tools to help them self-regulate and de-stress, and mindfulness will be one of the most crucial parts of healthcare across the board.

Q: What are the most important focus areas for you in corporate wellness for the upcoming year?  

BlueNovus (in Utah) Mental Wellness Gym that just onboarded into our company this year will be my main focus for 2022. The gym provides 24-7 mental wellness care for employees and their inner circle plus training for managers and employees on emotional intelligence, clarity, connection, and confidence.  

Q: If you could give our readers one piece of advice in regards to wellness programs, what would it be?
Be inclusive!  Imagine how you would incorporate activities for a disabled person and work back from there, then you have included everyone into your program, ensuring everyone has a chance to grow, learn and participate!  Normalize mental wellness; bring in programs like BlueNovus and conduct weekly mindfulness practices like group meditation to reinforce those themes.

Q: Why did you go through the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist program?  

I wanted to empower my well-being coaching experience with professional credentials, and CCWS offered that and more.

Q: What was the most valuable takeaway of the Corporate Wellness Certification program for you?
The customer service that the program provides, the continuous learning, and the accrediting body make this a profession you can build a career on.

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