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The Future of Corporate Wellness: An Interview with Corporate Certified Wellness Specialist Program Graduate Michael Brantley

Wellness is the new corporate currency; employees are now taking their health, safety, and wellness seriously and are demanding the same from their employers. This is the major driver of the Great Resignation and the distinguishing feature of thriving organizations in the post-pandemic era.

The Corporate Wellness Association, a global leader in employee wellness and health, designed the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS) Program to equip business leaders and managers with the needed skills and resources to build a healthy and resilient workforce.

The Corporate Wellness Magazine recently sat with Michael Brantley, a graduate of the program to share insights on the current trends in corporate wellness and what to expect in the future. Michael serves as the Recruiting Operations Officer & Human Resources Assistant for San Diego State University.

Q: How important is well-being to you personally?

Well-being is important to me because it incorporates many diverse elements in both a personal and professional setting. This includes positive emotions, such as happiness, joy, contentment, excitement, wonder, and calmness. All of which can be used in our daily lives

Q: What change have you noticed over the last year with corporate wellness?

Corporate wellness has expanded over the past couple of years to encompass the creation of a culture of health within the worksite, in and out of the office. More so now due to COVID outcomes.

Q: Where do you see the industry headed?

The concept of wellness has been gaining substantial devotion across organizations over the last several years. Its ability to influence employee health, mental wellbeing, performance, and quality of life has become a priority.

Q: What are the most important focus areas for you in corporate wellness for the upcoming year?

I think the most important areas to focus on now is The COVID-19 post-pandemic factors and how they have demanded dramatic human and economic costs. In addition to the many lives lost, the economic disturbance can still be felt in the closures of many businesses, labor migration, and ongoing supply shortages.

Q: If you could give our readers one piece of advice in regards to wellness programs what would it be?

Wellness programs come in all shapes and sizes and there are some very enjoyable and rewarding ways designed to improve and support the health and fitness of an organization's most valued asset, its employees!

Q: Why did you go through the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist program?

I believe that the CCWS program aligned well with my goals and what I was looking for in a corporate wellness certification.

Q: What was the most valuable takeaway of the corporate wellness certification program for you?

The most valuable takeaways were the lectures from industry experts! They were able to really break down the information, which made it that much more retainable.

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