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Striking Oil: Clarity About CBD Oil

For all the excitement about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, for all the scientific research concerning cannabinoids in general and Cannabidiol (CBD) oil in particular, now is the time for heightened awareness - now is not the time to enjoy a natural high from marijuana - because it is crucial to separate fact from fiction, regarding cannabis-related products and services.

Clarity of ingredients is as important to this discussion as clear thinking is to how we discuss the use of CBD oil. Clarity is important, period. because cannabis can improve health and wellness.

Employers would be remiss if they were to avoid this discussion, especially in states where cannabis is legal, such as Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.

Workers have a right to know about safe and natural ways to improve their health, just as the manufacturers of CBD oil have a moral duty to clarify what their products can - and can not do.

Having spoken with journalists who cover the cannabis industry, in addition to having corresponded with two entrepreneurs who sell CBD oil, I have come to the following conclusion:

  • Clarity is proof of a sound corporate conscience.

  • When you have no reason to obfuscate what should be obvious, when you have no motive to confound consumers and conceal the truth from the public, you succeed.

And yet, confusion abounds and false claims by some manufacturers harm the interests of all makers and users of CBD oil. The result is neither conducive to civil conversation nor a conduit for honest discussion, not when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) threatens to police an entire industry.

  • Clarity must, then, emerge from within and from without-from manufacturers of CBD oil and from consumers.

  • Clarity constitutes the foundation of any plan for corporate wellness since its absence breeds distrust and begets fear and doubt.

  • How, after all, can a worker have confidence in a product he does not understand?

  • Why should a person consume what he cannot clarify, due to a lack of details from a manufacturer or a distributor of CBD oil; due, also, to a surplus of unsubstantiated assertions and a poverty of controlled experiments?

The questions answer themselves.

  • We must reach the point when we no longer have to ask such things. We will reach that point, provided the advantages of cannabis are clear.

  • What I want to see is not a cloud of marijuana smoke, as a statement of personal freedom, but a clear statement of ingredients, as an expression of professional responsibility.

  • I want to see corporate wellness flourish, thanks to the leadership of companies within the cannabis industry and the integrity of the industry as a whole.

  • I want to see companies do for us what is right, instead of having the government see to it that companies do the right thing.

  • I do not oppose regulation, but I would sooner have companies discipline themselves than have the FDA take disciplinary measures against the cannabis industry.

  • If we want the former to prevail, we must make clarity a top priority.
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