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Find Your Optimal Stress Zone to Fuel Future Success

Feeling Stressed?

Stress continues to take a toll on workers. While a recent poll conducted by the American Psychological Association reveals that money is the top source of stress, even those working in financially secure positions are experiencing the deleterious effects. (Stress in America: Paying with Our Health survey).

Of the 3,068 adults surveyed, 43% reported having no means of emotional support and that over the past year, their overall stress has increased.

In the world of healthcare, even doctors who are perceived to have financial security are not immune to the effects of workplace stress. In 2012, a report in the Archives of Internal Medicine (Shanafelt et al. 2012) revealed that amongst the more than 7000 doctors surveyed, almost half reported symptoms of burnout.

Fatigue, detachment, and a low sense of accomplishment were the primary complaints. They were more prone to error, less empathetic and more likely to de-personalize patients. But it's not only healthcare that is experiencing the ill effects of stress.

Recover and Refocus

In The Stress Recovery Effect, researchers Nick Hall, PhD, and Dick Tibbits, DMin, introduce companies to their evidence-based solution for stress management in the workplace. Grounded in original research conducted at Florida Hospital-the largest admitting hospital in America - this transformative program empowers employees to do what elite athletes and high performance CEO's do: Reframe stress from a negative to a positive, find their optimal stress zone, and use The Stress Recovery Effect to fuel future success.

Stress is Not the Enemy

Stress is a part of life, and often times it seems like you can't live with it, but as you will discover, you can't live without it. Stress can be found everywhere you go; at work, at play and at home. In fact, stress-related ailments cost the nation $200 Billion every year in medical bills and lost productivity.

In addition to the healthcare costs associated with stress, workplace stress results in mental and physical consequences, greater absenteeism, lower productivity, and increased staff turnover.

In today's fast-paced, digital world, learning how to effectively manage stress and quickly recover from the negative effects of stress is crucial to maintain a happy, healthy life. The Stress Recovery Effect program can help you increase personal vitality, enhanced health, and improved performance.

Where are You on the Stress Bell Curve?

Effective, but low cost wellness programs, could potentially reduce excess medical spending through the reduction of emotional health and stress risk factors.

Program Details

The Stress Recovery Effect program is a six-week interactive course grounded in science that incorporates a whole-person approach to managing stress.

This behavior-based program utilizes multiple theories of stress and stress management to provide your employees with the proper resources and tools to transform stress into positive energy. During this program, your employees will:

  • Learn and identify their distinctive stress coping style
  • Create a personalized stress profile
  • Learn how to make stress work for you, not against you
  • Explore options to improve their coping capabilities
  • Experience greater focus, creativity, and joy in life
  • Acquire the tools to recover and refocus
  • Find out why avoidance of stress is not a long-term strategy

Managing stress from a whole-person approach equips you with strategies to decrease stress, and can give you the energy you need to optimize stress when it occurs.

Program Results

Avoiding the "one-size-fits-all" approach so common with most stress management programs, our individualized program has seen great results. Of the 66 participants completing a post-program evaluation of our course:

  • 100% of participants stated they adopted program strategies
  • 98% indicated that they felt better equipped to handle stress as a result of participating in the program
  • 79% found the program to be very helpful or extremely helpful

Several different measures were taken both pre and post session including: The Harvard Step-Tests, GAD7, PHQ-9 and a 77 item questionnaire. These measures collectively assessed Heart rate recovery related to stress, measures of depression and anxiety, as well as domains of Emotional Health, Mental Health, and Spiritual Health. A subset of questions from the WebMD Health Assessment was used to measure sleep, emotional health, and stress for this study.

After completing a successful pilot of the program, the hospital rolled it out to their 22,000 employee population base. The Stress Recovery Effect is now available nationally and internationally through the Health Performance Strategies team at Florida Hospital.

Health Performance Strategies is a wellness driver created by Florida Hospital designed to help professional organizations establish and sustain a culture of health throughout their company. We are focused on inspiring you to embrace a Value on Investment approach to the health of your company.

The right changes lead to healthier, happier lives. The benefits at work are also clear: reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, lower healthcare costs, higher employee-retention rates, and increased morale.

Learn how you can bring The Stress Recovery Effect program to your workplace. I (407) 303-9910

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