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Sleeping Better by Snoring Less: Snorelax and Corporate Wellness

Here is a simple but true maxim about health: If you want to be well, you need to sleep well. The lack of one begets the absence of the other, where the latter - the image of the person who gets little, if any, restful sleep - is proof of the former; that the colleague with the bloodshot eyes and bedraggled appearance; the individual who is slow to awaken and sluggish in the wake of a new day; the worker who suffers from depression and relies on stimulants to make it through the day; the patient who seeks help for a problem that is as aggravating as it is annoying - that man or woman is one of 93 million Americans who is a chronic snorer.

This issue is a matter of corporate wellness because chronic snoring is often a symptom of - it is very much a warning sound concerning - more serious threats such as heart disease and stroke, obesity and early onset of Type 2 Diabetes, among many other conditions. Companies have an interest in stopping this menace before it becomes an imminent threat to the physical safety and fiscal soundness of its respective employees and financial success.

The best way to avoid this situation is to confront this challenge with a combination of comfort and convenience.Take, for example, Snorelax: A thin, multilayered, breathable cotton slip that stretches from your chin to cheekbone, Snorelax eliminates chronic snoring in three days or less. (I offer that assertion not to boast, but to better the lives of people for whom chronic snoring is a subject of medical importance and an important bar to intimacy; because chronic snoring is the third leading cause of divorce nationwide; because we cannot continue to deny ourselves a good night's sleep by depriving ourselves of the solution that makes sleeping through the night possible.)

Let me also credit Snorelax for its emphasis on form and function, meaning what a product looks like can - and does - influence the likelihood of people using that product. Congratulations, therefore, to the doctors responsible for the creation of Snorelax. Its elegance of simplicity evokes the excellence of design one expects from a brand like Apple or Nike. Let me remind readers, too, that chronic snoring is not only about what we can hear.

It is a sound that is the result of what we do not see: The loosening of muscles and the relaxing of the jaw, wherein airways narrow and vibrations of breath against these passageways follow, which cause snoring. We must lessen the severity of these factors by enabling people to sleep better by equipping them with the means to breathe without difficulty.

This goal is achievable, provided we do everything we can to make this issue the priority it should be - the necessity it must be - if we are to ensure personal wellness is indivisible from corporate wellness.We have lost too much sleep already for us not to solve this problem once and for all.

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