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Advancing Corporate Wellness by Achieving Personal Wellness: The Journey of a Single Seed to the Shelf of Science and Commerce

As I am wont to remind readers, corporate wellness is impossible without personal wellness: It requires an understanding of and a commitment to science and technology, beginning with increased awareness of the journey of a single seed to the shelf - the shelves, plural, of commerce and consumer trade - where we have the chance to reverse opioid dependency, reduce pain and provide relief for tens of millions of Americans.

We need, in other words, a champion of this movement or a company at the forefront of this transformation for the good. One such brand is CBD Natural Solutions, whose leadership on behalf of hemp-related products is a testament to its emphasis on education and the efficacy of the potential remedies it provides.

I cite CBD Natural Solutions because of the triumph of science; because of the conversion of one seed - the transformation of multiple seeds - into a series of affordable resources, including an oral spray; because of the commercialization of that seed, without any toxins, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals - without any THC, plant wax or hemp aerial parts - into something of such obvious convenience and compactness, of such a clear sign of the rise of a company and the growth of an industry whose products are legal in all 50 states.

That is how a wellness revolution begins, with an item that is as iconic as it is important for minimizing inflammation and maximizing physical energy, with something that can strengthen mental acuity and ensure a good night's sleep. This revolution is also the result of entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation, who seek to further the benefits of a healthy citizenry and an able workforce.

They seek to accomplish this goal not with advertising or marketing, not with outlandish claims or outrageous gimmicks, but through the research and development - through the testing and refinement - of those products that can increase personal wellness and expand corporate wellness.

Leaders of this caliber deserve our support and recognition because theirs is an exercise in dedication, an example of individual diligence in spite of the challenges before them, in spite of the obstacles that await them, in spite of any and all obstructions along the path to scientific discovery and the manufacture of practical applications - the release of natural solutions - that the public has a right to try.

Leaders of this magnitude such as Eric Pike, Founder and President of CBD Natural Solutions, are at the vanguard of something too significant for us to deny or dismiss. As a scientist myself, and as someone with a firm background in biochemistry, I would be remiss if I did not underscore the scientific importance of this issue. The science of wellness has its very roots in the actions described above. Those efforts are a boon to everyone and an advantage for the cause of corporate wellness.

About the Author

Michael Shaw is an MIT-trained biochemist and former protegue of the late Willard Libby, the 1960 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Based in the Greater Washington (DC) Area, Michael is a frequent writer and speaker about a variety of public health issues.

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