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Silicon Valley Employees Fasting for Productivity

Silicon Valley startup Nootrobox has a unique diet plan as part of their company culture, and the goal is not to lose weight. Starting Monday night and ending Wednesday morning, 36 hours total, the company implements a fasting period for all employees.

This practice is based on the idea of internment fasting (IF), and eating pattern cycling between periods of feasting and fasting to help control thing like weight, blood pressure, blood insulin levels and - as Nootrobox employees believe - to improve cognition and performance.

The founder of the company, Geoffrey Woo explains that they are actually very productive on Tuesdays, the day of the fast. This took the company some getting use to, eventually though, it became part of the company culture.

"He even reports that some employees begin their fast as early as Sunday night. To break the fast, employees often eat breakfast together Wednesday morning.

This is part of a growing trend in Silicon Valley, where employees are using practices like IF and Nootropics to gain an advantage in a highly competitive industry. Nootropics are drugs and supplements that many claim improve cognition and learning. Nootrobox is a provider of four nootropic tablets and a chewable caffeine candy.

There is evidence that shows fasting can be good for maintaining weight, but nothing indicating it will make your mind work better. For now, the best way to ensure your brain operates at peak functionality is to eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise and sleep eight hours a night.

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