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To Serve Life by Saving Lives: An Initiative for Health and Wellness

If companies want to further the cause of corporate wellness, they should start by ensuring the health - and lives - of communities at home and abroad. They should contribute to or partner with an organization that provides life support training to people worldwide. Put aside, for a moment, the dream of giving every child a laptop computer or a smartphone, of connecting every village and hamlet to the Internet, when children cannot use these devices - and their parents have no reason to use these devices, either - if they are not alive, period.

If they do not know how to perform CPR, a procedure most Americans learn in grade school, and thus must see someone die needlessly, there will be no need to text, tweet, chat, message or post. If we are serious, then, about wellness, let us show our support for an organization that is serious about teaching life support. I refer, specifically, to the Disque Foundation.

Through its Save a Life Initiative, where the foundation seeks to empower a million people with the ability to save a life by 2020, as well as its efforts to offer advanced healthcare education to underserved populations in the U.S. and elsewhere, this organization distinguishes between what is essential and what is expendable. Nowhere is that distinction clearer than it is online because the Save a Life Initiative also has the world's first free series of online courses involving life support training.

That fact alone justifies the distribution of smartphones and tablets and weaving more communities into the planes of that web known as the World Wide Web. All of the courses were created by board-certified medical professionals and adhere to the 2015-2020 AHA standards and guidelines. The courses include many forms of study material, including video demonstrations, audiobooks, and PDF study handbooks.

The ACLS, BLS, and PALS courses are eligible for AMA Category 1 Credits and the CPR course is eligible for AMA category 2 CME. The Postgraduate Institute of Medicine (PIM), an accredited, online medical certification regulatory organization, has completed a full evaluation of NHCPS's courses. Companies that emphasize wellness should volunteer to help an Empowerment Team that is true to its name: A team that collaborates with nonprofits and missionaries, including the Ronald McDonald House and colleges and universities.

To pursue these goals is to prove the connections we possess are more real than virtual, that they are more immediate than imaginary, that they are more effective than elusive. To pursue these goals to prove, too, that companies are more than persons in the strictly legal definition of the word; that they have a sense of personality - they possess and exercise a code of ethics - thereby compelling them to act.

To highlight these goals is to stress a hierarchy of needs, starting with the need to provide life support training near and far. The more companies do to mainstream this issue, the better. That means using social media - all forms of media - to inform the public about the urgency of this subject and the sustainability of this project.

That means putting people first because everything else that ensues from this effort - including praise from critics and plaudits from consumers - will benefit a company's reputation and name recognition. Let us, therefore, resolve to make life support training the first step in a broader campaign on behalf of corporate wellness. Let us move forward together, with optimism for what we hope to achieve and pride for what we already know we will accomplish.

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About the Author

Paula Patel is Director of Outreach & Mission Fulfillment for the Disque Foundation. Her focus is to maintain a strong bond between medical staff and patients, continually striving for strong communication between the team and providing the highest level of medical care. Paula utilizes her combined medical and business knowledge in efforts to provide high-quality medical care and is eager to spread healthcare education.

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