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The Rock Stars of Wellness Present at the Corporate Wellness Conference

The Rock Stars of Wellness Present at the Corporate Wellness Conference

I can't tell you how excited I am at all of the rock star speakers that are coming to present at the Corporate Wellness Conference September 20-22nd 2010 in Los Angeles. I almost can't wait until September and want to meet each of them personally and listen to their presentations now! It seems like each week we get another fascinating wellness leader who wants to participate.  

I consider it a privilege to sit in a room and listen to the leaders in corporate wellness tell us what is going on in the front lines on the battle to get employees health and engage in healthy lifestyles. This year we are adding a focus on global wellness programs and we have several employers coming to speak who are multi-national companies with operations in many countries talk about how they have created a wellness program that crosses borders.  

We have also changed up the agenda and have a new structure for the conference. We will have dedicated times for networking meetings, general sessions and exhibit hall so there is little to no overlap, which will mean the sessions and exhibit halls will be packed when open. Also, we have spread networking meetings out throughout the day per the request of attendees last year.

Our Employer VIP program has been extremely successful in helping out employers interested in corporate wellness but who don't have a budget to travel to the conference, and we have had a lot of mid-size and large size employers that applied. For those companies that qualify we will be covering all their expenses, airfare, hotel and conference registration to bring them to the conference.

This year will definitely be an "outside the box" conference like no other in the industry, and as part of the employer healthcare congress, it should become the largest health insurance conference in the country, and be swarming with employers, and the leaders in corporate wellness. I only wish instead of a couple days I could spend a week there learning and sharing ideas.

Also, I want to thank all our authors and readers for making the Corporate Wellness Magazine a complete success. This issue we celebrate our 1 year anniversary. As the only magazine in the industry focused on corporate wellness we look forward to many more successful years.

About the Author

Jonathan Edelheit is Editor-In-Chief of the Corporate Wellness Magazine, the only Corporate Wellness Magazine in the industry focused on Health and Wellness in the workplace.  Mr. Edelheit has been involved in US healthcare for almost ten years and ran a national healthcare administrator for almost seven years that administered healthcare plans for insurance companies, employers and governments.  

While running the healthcare administrator Mr. Edelheit started to implement the first corporate wellness programs there through many tools such as health risk assessments, tele-medicine, e-health and many more options. Mr. Edelheit has been featured or mentioned in hundreds of media publications and in February 2008 was featured as a visionary in US healthcare by Executive Managed Healthcare Magazine.  

Mr. Edelheit is also an Editor and Assistant Editor of three  other major US and international healthcare magazines. Mr. Edelheit organizes the Employer Healthcare Congress, one of the largest US healthcare conferences each year along with the Corporate Wellness Conference which is the only dedicated national conference on corporate health and wellness in the country and which targets employers, health insurance agents and large consulting firms.  Mr. Edelheit is also an attorney.Jonathan Edelheit may be contacted at

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