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Getting Started on the Road to Better Health

It's no secret that saving money is a great incentive to get employees started with a wellness program. Some people need that extra push that gives them a reason to go to the gym, to the doctor, or to take a walk. Little do they know that by doing so they could be saving their life or, at least, adding more years to it.

That extra push for employees can come in many ways. By being offered discounts to join a gym or join weight loss or smoking cessation programs for health care, for vitamins and nutritional supplements, and even for weight loss surgery, an individual has the ability to become excited about becoming healthy.

They are able to actually engage in healthy behavior because they can afford it. Many companies offer these types of wellness discount plans, but few have one that is comprehensive enough to engage a broad and diverse audience.

How it works- With a wellness discount plan, you or your employees simply pay an affordable monthly membership fee for access to a wide variety of discounts and services. Members schedule an appointment with a participating provider or specialist and present their membership card to receive a "members-only" discount at the time of service. There are no forms to complete and everyone in a household can use the plan.

How can employers benefit?- Employers can offer a discount plan at no cost to them, or at a fraction of the price of a voluntary plan. With most discount plans, either the employer or the employee can pay for the plan membership. Your employees will have access to a broad, proprietary network, and substantial savings on comprehensive, quality health and wellness services.  

Careington, one of Corporate Wellness Magazine's official sponsors, offers a comprehensive wellness discount plan called, "My WellCare". They offer all of the discounts mentioned above and more. The plan offers incentives and discounts for people of all ages.

By offering wellness discounts with a benefits package, employers are able to encourage their employees to maintain a high-quality lifestyle and, consequently, better overall health. Discount plans can be added to a benefits package at any time, bundled with voluntary insurance plans, self-funded plans or flex plans.

If your organization is ready to help your employees achieve a healthier lifestyle, Careington has an affordable wellness discount plan that is easy to implement and use. My WellCare offers substantial discounts on:

  • Weight loss management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Labs and imaging
  • 24-hour nurse line
  • Chiropractic visits
  • Health club membership
  • Prescription drugs
  • Alternative health care
  • And more!

Since this is not insurance, there are no waiting periods or limits on use. If you are ready to enhance your benefits package, call (800) 400-8789 or visit

To learn more about Careington, listen to the company's latest podcast here.

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