Wellness from Living Well: Reinventing the Conventional Cookbook


Physical wellness is inseparable from nutritional wellness. Without a sound diet, as opposed to dieting (which is something else altogether), it is almost impossible to be healthy and feel well. And, without a workforce that is strong in body and spirit, it is just as difficult for a company to achieve - and maintain - any semblance of corporate wellness.

The even greater challenge is to create a diet that is as savory as it is stout, that is as easy to follow as it is effective among those who follow it, that is as bountiful as it is buoyant, that is as luscious as it is lively. Far from intimidating, those requirements are an invitation to reinvent the conventional cookbook:

To make it more accessible, thanks to electronic media; to make it more attractive, thanks to high-resolution images and the rich screens of so many mobile devices; to make it more of a story, thanks to the quality of the prose; to make it more democratic, thanks to the freedom of the Web. I write these words from experience, as I am the author of The Bob Caputo Living Well Cookbook.

I mention this fact not because of selfish reasons, but because of, well, selfish reasons. Which is to say, I know how invaluable nutrition is to health and wellness. I know how frustrating it can be to prepare and eat meals that are seemingly flavorless. I know how boring it is to eat the same foods day after day.

I know how tiresome this routine is, which is why few pursue it and even fewer muster the strength to continue it. Bottom line: Wellness should be a source of excitement, not exasperation. It should inform as much as it should inspire, by way of the material an author conveys, the manner by which he expresses it, and the means through which readers can express themselves in their respective homes and kitchens.

This undertaking is an exercise in show and tell, meaning the colorful dishes reveal - and entice - readers, while the descriptions of the meals, from the style of the writing to the cadence of the author's voice, resonate with people on an emotional level.

That is how you advance the cause of corporate wellness. Workers need to know that wellness is a reward, not a ruthlessly enforced requirement. They need to have a sense of unity, that they are not - and will never be - alone in this mission.

Encouragement is essential because, though losing weight has its physical trials and psychological tribulations, workers deserve the support of their fellow employees. They deserve celebration, not criticism because of a change in diet - a shift in what people cook and eat - is, in fact, a big deal.

Even bigger is the confidence that accrues to those who are their own champions of health and wellness. These goals are ambitious, but they are not impractical.They are very doable, so long as we move forward together.

About the Author

Bob Caputo is the Founder and Host of Bob Caputo Living Well, a leading site for articles, videos and interviews concerning diet and exercise, seasonal meals and nutritional dishes, and other innovative health and wellness concepts.