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Putting Wellness Training to Work - A Case Study with Sapoznik

The connection between healthy employees and company performance have long been a factor for employers to seek well-being programs for their employees. There are some that have intrinsically woven the well-being program into the culture of their company philosophy and the results are profound. One study by the University of Louisville indicated that corporations reported that for every dollar spent on well-being programs a savings of $7 in healthcare was achieved.

Another reported that 63 percent found financial stability and growth in the organization, 67 percent saw an increase in productivity and 67 percent reported that employees are more satisfied.With statistics like these, and those like reported in 2017 Employee Benefits, SHRM, which found that 88 percent of organizations with a wellness program related their initiatives as somewhat or very effective in improving employee health, it isn't any wonder that employers are adopting this philosophy in their company culture and providing these benefits for their employees.

At the South Florida Business Journal's Healthiest Employers award ceremony on March 8, 2018, the Corporate Health & Wellness Association found that some employers are taking the wellness charge to the next level. Companies were assessed in six key categories, which included: culture and leadership commitment, foundational components, strategic planning, communication and marketing, programming and interventions and reporting and analysis.

We were particularly impressed with one wellness provider, Sapoznik, who had 7 of the top 100 nominees ranking in the top 10 under their management, including their own company, which has very much taken wellness to heart.  Some of those employers included:

  • Goodwill Industries of South Florida - Ranked #8 in the large company category
  • Craig Zinn Automotive - Ranked #6 in large company category
  • Bean Automotive Group - Ranked #5 in the large company category
  • Palmetto 57 - Ranked #4 in the medium company category
  • City of North Miami - Ranked #3 in the large company category
  • Sapoznik Insurance - Ranked #2 in the small company category

As with all companies, culture starts from the top, and this could not be truer than with Sapoznik's CEO, Rachel Sapoznik, who has invested in training and professional designation for her employees by having them take the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist designation. "Having the CCWS certification has allowed our agency to evolve not only as an employee benefits and wellness company assisting clients to contain rising healthcare costs, but it helped elevate our wellness culture.

This evolution resulted in seven finalists at the annual Healthiest Employer Awards! This strategy continues to help guide employers through their journey of shifting healthcare to wellcare" said Sapoznik. The relationship between the employer and the wellness provider is important and seeing a provider that takes on the health of the organization by providing all things benefits, including their well-being initiatives makes the whole plan come together.

The South Florida Business Journal event was not only fun, but it highlighted the way well-being programs are celebrated by the employees that participate in them. Many of the nominees had other employees with them who were wellness champions for the program, and the energy was palpable.

The stand-out provider, Sapoznik, is our featured Corporate Health & Wellness Association member for this week, showcasing how training in wellness and commitment to excellence makes top wellness employers happen. Sapoznik put their Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist designation to work, and we honor them today as an outstanding member for their achievement in creating top-ranking healthy employers.

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