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A Positive Mindset Leads to Positive Results

Companies are focused on the economy, sales, deadlines, competition, costs, insurance, and many other issues especially when the economy is down. However companies need to understand that promoting positivity will increase productivity, sales, rapport, and maybe even decrease insurance costs. So why is this?

Well it has to do with the fact that what we focus on expands. So what does that mean anyway? It simply means that what we think about and how we think about it are crucial components in our emotional well being. We can think of something in a positive way or in a negative way. Thinking about it in a positive way will more likely give us positive results.

Thinking about it in a negative way will make us feel negative and more likely give us the results we do not want. So what are some negative feelings? When we are complaining, feeling depressed, anxious, frustrated, angry, uncertain, unappreciated, embarrassed, humiliated, jealous, envious, we are having negative feelings.

These negative feelings expand and they will contaminate our emotional center. For a company, negativity is extremely costly. It can lead to decreased productivity, disability, turnover, and stress.We have all read about the mind body connection and there are studies to prove that there is a definite correlation. So let's look at some positive emotions.

Enthusiasm, praise, gratitude, abundance, joy, happiness, excitement, contentment, love, peace, harmony, are examples of positive feelings and the company will benefit when people are feeling these emotions. When you read or say the negative words, it even makes a person feel down. When you read the positive words, they make you feel good.

Of course we are looking for positive results rather than negative ones. So you may ask, how do we promote positivity and still accomplish goals on time or even ahead of schedule? Let me give you an example. When sales are down, what is your company telling the sales managers, the sales people, the other employees?

Are you saying, sales are down and look at these numbers, you need to do something about this, you need to tell people they are not working hard enough, they are not producing the results we want, look at the economy, look at the competition, look at our costs rising, look at You see that companies are actually telling their staff to focus on the negative instead of on the positive.

This is exactly the opposite of what they need to be doing. Feel the difference when you read and say, you are great in sales, you are a great team and together we can do this, we believe in you, tell us if you have any ideas to make things easier for you and the customer, what can we do to support you, we really appreciate your talents. You can feel the difference in reading these words.

Let's make a comparison with an athlete. If his trainer said, you are not fast enough. You are not good enough. You are not focused. You are not. Do you think the athlete would want to continue? Do you think the athlete would think he had what it takes? I doubt it. He would begin doubting himself. Doubt is negative and is going to slow down the results you are looking to achieve.

We need to promote positivity. We need to promote enthusiasm. We need to promote cooperation. We need to promote happiness. We need to promote appreciation. We need to promote gratitude. How often does your company do things to appreciate its employees? How often is the phrase "thank you" uttered? How often are smiles exchanged?

Just by changing focus from negative to positive the results will change. Recently I had a coaching client who is in sales. She mentioned that the sales manager pointed to the numbers being down and said that they needed to be up and kept on reiterating the numbers and how disappointed she was in her sales team. My client knew better and tried not to listen to this lecture.

She did not want to listen to what she did not want, slow sales. She changed her focus and utilized the positive thinking tools she had learned to apply to get the results she wanted. She focused on increasing sales, happy customers, a helpful attitude to make a positive difference in people's lives. The next month, she had the most sales she had ever had.

So why did that happen? She focused on positive emotions and yielded positive results.Recently I was at a networking meeting and an audience member came up to me and said that she realized why she was feeling negative sitting at her desk at work. She is a positive person however she was sitting next to someone who kept on complaining and this was bringing her mood down.

She wants to keep her mood high so when she speaks to prospects on the phone, her mood will affect their decision and of course people like to do business with people they like. So how are you promoting positivity in the workplace? I suggest promoting and talking about what you want. Eliminate speaking about what you don't want. A positive culture leads to positive results. A positive culture leads to a healthier environment and healthier employees. What are you focusing on at your company?

About the Author

Joyce Hyam, B.S.N., MPA, has been a successful business owner and trainer for over 25 years. Her trainings include Communication for Success and Positive Mindset Training.Joyce has a Bachelors Degree from the City University of New York and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco. Joyce is continuing to teach the "How To" tools for creating success for both businesses and private clients. For more information and to contact:

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