P.O.P! Change your Perspective in the Workplace


I want to start this message by proclaiming that "LIFE IS FANTASTIC!" I am not making this statement in order to 'motivate' any of you or to come across as overly optimistic, but the reason that I have decided to verbalize this thought is because in every situation, conversation, and interaction in our lives, we are able to learn lessons that will etch a mark in our identity forever. Each incident becomes part of who we are as an individual and dictates how we will make decisions as we progress.

But with every decision comes a CHOICE that will either take us in the direction of our ideal life, or potentially down a path that is completely undesirable. And what dictates our next step is something that I like to refer to as your P.O.P, or in other words, your POWER of PERSPECTIVE! This is an interesting philosophy because I think that this underlying theme is something that every single person will be able to relate to and hopefully adopt into their lives because your P.O.P is something that has been a part of your existence since you entered the world.

When we were children our world seemed so large and our problems seemed so small, but on the contrary, when we became adults our world became so small and our problems became so large. In order to fully understand this analogy, I ask you to think back to when you were in elementary school and how the hallways seemed like they would stretch in all directions for miles; and how the tire playground seemed like Mt. Everest; and how someone that was in high school appeared to be an adult.

But if you go back and visit your elementary school today, you would realize that the hallways only seemed gigantic when compared to your little body; that you are able to reach the top of the highest tier while standing on the ground; and that the high school students actually appear to be children in your eyes. This proves the point that our world was only a colossal place based on our perspective of the surrounding environment. In addition, although our world was immense in size, our problems were petty--we did poorly on an exam, we got denied by our secret admirer, or we were chosen last in gym class.

When these occurrences took place, the challenges seemed to be insurmountable, but I guarantee that as time has gone on they have become part of a distant memory. It is time to become conscious of whatever is holding you back from reaching the next echelon in your existence by creating a list of challenges that seem to overwhelm you in your everyday life. This could be a relationship with a difficult child because they are "at that age," your to-do list which continues to grow, frustrations in your career, being overweight, financial hardships due the poor economic times, etc.

Now that you have this list, I would like you to try and use your POWER of PERSPECTIVE to picture yourself 10, 20, and 30 years from now when all of these "challenges" will become distant memories. And once you are able to become mindful of your problems and the ways to make them appear to be "small," I want you to begin to realize, the same way that you did when you were a child, that your world has the potential to be an extremely large place, with endless opportunities, that stretch as far and wide as the hallways did while in elementary school.

This is why it is critical to use your POWER of PERSPECTIVE to guide you on your journey through life. So, in closing, it is time to use your P.O.P and realize that your problems are only as small as you allow them to be, while your world is only as large as your ability to dream.

About the Author

Jared Yellin is a motivational speaker, writer, and performance coach. He is also the founder of Brandentity, which focuses on creating a BRAND + IDENTITY for each individual who participates in one of the programs. Jared believes that we live in a country that has been inflicted with events coined as crises from the birth of time. Some of these 'catastrophes' include various financial crises, the technology bust, Cuban Missile Crisis, flu epidemics, wars, healthcare crisis, global warming, pollution, terrorism,  and unfortunately, the list does not come to an end.

But with all of this being said, the one crisis that happens to be the root to all of these epidemics in our nation's history is the IDENTITY CRISIS that almost everyone faces at some point in time. Jared is on a quest to start an Identity Revolution, which will enable people to reach their full potential in all aspects of their life. Jared Yellin, the Director of Corporate Wellness at Creating Wellness Alliance, a wellness company that provides a customized corporate wellness solution based on the needs of each organization.

The Creating Wellness Assessment Station (CWAS) enables wellness coaches and doctors to visit corporations and assess employees in order to find each individual WQ or Wellness Quotient, which is a number that represents each individual's personal level of well-being. Creating Wellness Alliance also has over 300 wellness centers throughout North America, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. Beyond being the Director of Corporate Wellness, Jared is also a national motivational speaker/writer, personal trainer, and life coach which enables him to recreate the culture of each company, while achieving high levels of sustained participation by means of motivation, empowerment, and an educational process. www.creatingwellness.com