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Personal Wellness and Companionship: Healthy and Fun Courtship

Personal wellness is, as I will never tire of writing, indispensable to corporate wellness. That sense of health - and happiness - often starts with dating or companionship, where the emotional support of a friend or future loved one is as restorative as any medicine, as rejuvenating as any capsule, as reinvigorating as any regimen, as renewing as any source of energy. One individual who understands the importance of this issue is Whitney Linscott: Founder and CEO of Bracket Dating, LLC.

Her app is a tournament-based dating resource that offers a fun and effective way for a person to find a date, because finding a date should not be boring. Bracket Dating provides a daily overview of 16 potential matches. After five rounds of head-to-head eliminations a winner will emerge. Victory unlocks the app's chat functionality, so a user can talk with that fortunate man or woman.

There is plenty of science behind the concept of gaming and its positive results involving stress reduction, anxiety and depression. Indeed, Whitney understands the necessity of corporate wellness because of her own business experience.

A former Vice President of Commercial Lending for Santander Bank, N.A., Whitney's achievements include management of several portfolios with a combined amount of $2.7 billion in automotive commitments, in addition to her revision of credit policies to strengthen portfolio controls, eliminate redundancies, more easily comply with regulatory requirements and ensure consistent portfolio practices.

Miss Linscott says: "I recognize the relationship between personal wellness and corporate wellness, as the two have a symbiotic connection that is as much a product of reason as it is an example of emotion. Coming from a verycorporate, executive-level workplace, I also appreciate the value of having a way to relieve the pressure of a career that involves a lot of travel, high-level decisions and actions of great financial consequence.

I want employees to know that they are not alone, that we can use technology - we can use this technology - to potentially meet someone we may admire or even love. We can make a positive difference - a lasting one - that resonates worldwide." I am in full agreement with that statement.

If we want to make corporate wellness the centerpiece it deserves to be, if we want to enhance employee morale and further productivity, if we want to increase camaraderie and advance cooperation, if we want to be offer ourselves as models of success and successful examples of good health - if we want to achieve any of these things, and we should seek to accomplish all of these things, then we should elevate the significance of dating and companionship. Now is the time to do just that.

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Michael D. Shaw is a columnist, biochemist and protegue of the late Willard Libby, the 1960 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He writes about a variety of subjects including wellness, health care, and business leadership.

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