Wellness and a Pledge to Defend Mother Nature

If we are to make personal wellness the priority it should be and corporate wellness the prerogative it must be, if we are to enjoy the benefits of Mother Nature and experience a bounty of natural remedies - if we are to do some of these things, never mind all of these things, we should learn more about Humboldt County, California, home of much of the world's best medicinal cannabis.

We should talk to Wendy Kornberg, Founder of Sunnabis, which cultivates a series of high-end strains of cannabis. We should have a conversation with this second-generation cannabis farmer because of her admiration for the environment and her appreciation for improving the workplace environment of companies large and small.

We should have this conversation - we must have this discussion - because growing a premium strain of medicinal cannabis is not unlike developing the richest wine or the ripest fruits and vegetables. Picture, then, a vintner who reveres the land, who rushes nothing and respects everything that makes bottling the finest vintage possible.

Picture, too, Wendy in a locale as beautiful as it is bountiful, where the hills facing the Eel River - where lush acres of greenery run parallel to this body of water - so she can sample the soil, so she can feel the soft and sparkling texture that fills the ground with so many vitamins and minerals.

That setting, with its ideal temperature and moisture, is the right place to develop strains of cannabis as worthy of this region's reputation for producing the finest medicinal cannabis. We need to make that setting visible, in presentations, pictures and videos, if we are to understand the why and how of growing an award-winning product.

Wellness begins, in part, with safeguarding the health of the environment: To ensure, as Wendy does, that we do not overuse or abuse the land; that we do not mistake quantity for quality; that we do not compromise standards for an increase in sales; that we do not confuse profits and that prophet known as Mother Nature, whose warnings we violate at risk to the health of the planet and the richness of the plants we need to (carefully) harvest.

Wendy recognizes these facts.Her efforts are a valuable entry in a volume about the power of history and a pledge to make history, by upholding the history of her forbears whose legacy emerges from the earth - whose roots extend deep into the earth - so we may heal and recover in peace.

That history is too important to ignore.Let us follow these rules, thereby empowering employers and employees alike. Let us furnish each other with medicinal remedies that meet - and exceed - the strictest standards. Let us do these things because they are right, thus proving our stake in the good of the environment and the health of humankind is genuine. Let us do these things without delay because wellness is not something we can afford to dismiss. Now is the time for action.

About the Author

Lewis Fein writes about a variety of health and wellness issues, in addition to pieces about technology, business, and management. Based in Southern California, you may email him at feinlewis@gmail.com